The Texanist: Why Don’t Breakfast Burritos Get Any Love?

Q: My name is C.W. Steel and we am now a comparison during Texas Tech University (Wreck ‘Em). we grew adult in Big Spring and paint what some call a “treeless void” of a Llano Estacado and Permian Basin, where we have breakfast burritos instead of breakfast “tacos.” My organisation of tighten friends, who are from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, explain that breakfast burritos only ain’t Texan, though we contend that breakfast burritos and breakfast “tacos” are radically a same thing, equally cherished in their particular homelands, equally great, and equally Texan. Can we assistance solve this good discuss that we have been confirmed in for a past 4 years? Are breakfast burritos reduction Texan than breakfast “tacos?”

C.W. Steel, Lubbock

A: Arguments around regionalized vittles that have identical mixture and ubiquitous combination though change somewhat in their specific construction are zero new. Take a box of sub(marine) contra hoagie contra favourite contra millstone contra po’boy sandwiches. Or risk dogs, francheezies, and Texas Tommies. Or tomatoes and tomahtoes. Such topics do indeed make glorious provender for debate.

In Texas, one of a many oft-recurring subjects of this form of accessible though infrequently brash sell is a leverage of possibly breakfast burritos or breakfast tacos as an ante meridiem meal. For a uninformed, somewhere in a ubiquitous closeness of a 31st and 33rd north parallels, roughly along I-20, there lies an unfixed line of division that separates breakfast burrito nation to a north and breakfast taco nation to a south. And never a twain shall meet—except when they do, that happens on menus all over a state sincerely frequently. The Texanist, for example, could, if he wanted to, sincerely simply sequence a breakfast burrito in Austin, where he is headquartered, only as simply as we could sequence a breakfast taco there in a Hub City. These things are not ironclad.

Also not chiseled in mill are a definitions of what accurately it is that creates a burrito a burrito and a taco a taco, breakfast-style or otherwise. Both are a outcome of a clever “Mex” change found in Tex-Mex cuisine, though both come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and forms. There are crunchy tacos, soothing tacos, pompous tacos, large tacos, taquitos (thanks, Whataburger), and bowl-shaped tacos, among others. As for burritos, there are large ones, like a bean and cheesers a Texanist used to eat mixed times a week during lunch during a Taco Villa nearby Temple High, and afterwards there are a small brownish-red deep-fried ones of several and infrequently puzzling fillings he used to headband down during Jito, a roller shop-cum-convenience store on Padre Island. West Texans are informed with this latter accumulation around a “World Famous” burritos during a Allsup’s preference store chain.

A special note from a Texanist: Speaking of Allsup’s, a iconic establishment’s founder, Lonnie Allsup, a Lubbock native, passed divided in late January during a age of 84. He is survived by his mother of 67 years, Barbara, many family members, and legions of burrito eaters. Please join a Texanist in a impulse of silence. And, if you’d like, a chimichanga.

Generally, a differences in breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos are sincerely negligible. The many tangible eminence being that breakfast burritos are assembled of incomparable tortillas (almost zodiacally flour) and come with a some-more perplexing build that utilizes an origami-like folding and tucking that formula in fully-closed ends. Breakfast tacos, on a other hand, are customarily smaller, done of possibly flour or corn tortillas, and have a many some-more simple single-fold structure. The fillings, a raison d’être of both dishes, can operation wildly, nonetheless a breakfast taco tends to offer some-more choices. The Texanist, since he lives in Austin, is many mostly an eater of breakfast tacos, and prefers fiber-rich bean and cheese; simple bacon, egg, and cheese; chorizo, egg, and cheese; potato, egg, and cheese; bean, bacon, potato, and cheese; chorizo, egg, and cheese; or chorizo, bacon, and cheese. But when a Texanist finds himself in breakfast burrito territory, he’s some-more than happy to extract in a internal fare—with sharp salsa, infrequently red and infrequently green. Variety is, after all, a piquancy of life, generally when it involves tangible spice.

The Texanist applauds your large and comfortable proceed to a quarrel in that we have been inextricable for a past 4 years and is happy to announce we a debate’s winner. Congratulations, C.W. You are positively right in your perspective that breakfast burritos are not any reduction Texan than breakfast tacos. Both make for a tasty breakfast, both are rarely regarded by those who eat them, and both are indubitably Texan.

We live in a large place of different cultures and different peoples—with different appetites—from manifold locales. But during a finish of a day, either we and your Tex-Mex breakfast food of choice accost from Big Spring, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or Dime Box, we are all hold together by a big, warm, feathery tortilla of Texanness.

Have a doubt for a Texanist? He’s always accessible at [email protected] Write to him there and be certain to tell him where you’re from.

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