The Perfect Burger (aka The Crunch Burger)


1. Form a beef into 4 equal-sized patties (6-ounces each) no some-more than ¾-inch thick.  TIP 1 – 80/20 belligerent pitch is Bobby’s elite choice for burgers since of a comparatively high fat content, guaranteeing a luscious burger.

2. Using your thumb, make a low basin in a core of any burger to keep a burger from blasting adult and prominent in a center. 

3. Season a outward of a burger liberally with salt and pepper.  Do not deteriorate a beef reduction itself or supplement spices or onions or garlic to it.  That is meatloaf.  We are creation burgers.

4. Heat a expel iron vessel or roaster over high feverishness until it starts to somewhat smoke.  Add a few teaspoons of canola oil and put a burgers in a vessel or on roaster and do not hold until a membrane has shaped on a bottom, this will take during slightest 3 minutes. Once a membrane has formed, use a steel spatula and flip over and continue cooking until a membrane has shaped on a bottom and baked to preferred doneness (MEDIUM) another 4 minutes. DO NOT PRESS ON THE BURGER.

5. Place 2 slices of cheese on any burger supplement a few splashes of H2O and immediately cover a vessel firmly and prepare until cheese is totally melted, about 30 seconds.

6. A soothing bun with sesame seeds is a approach to go. Lightly toast a bun (if desired) and place a burger on a bottom of a bun. Add preferred toppings and a few potato chips. Place tip of bun on tip and place a skewer by a burger.  

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