The McDonald’s Festive Pie creates a return…kind of

When McDonald’s motionless to embankment a Festive Pie from a Christmas menu final year, there was complete outrage. “What is Christmas though a Festive Pie?” a republic cried.

That doubt was still being asked when a quick food opening launched a 2017 Christmas menu final month, again, sans a Festive Pie. What has happened to a small custard and mincemeat treat?

Well, we can now endorse that it hasn’t left forever. Over in a US, a Festive Pie is alive and kicking…just not as we know (and love) it. In fact, it’s totally different.

Made from a flaky, buttery pastry, a cousin of a late-festive crony is filled with “creamy vanilla custard”. Think of all those mille-feuilles Great British Bake Off contestants have churned adult over a years, only a small less…erm…glamorous.

So though any tangible mincemeat, where a heck is Festive partial of a Festive Pie? That’ll be found in a rainbow sprinkles adoring a tip of course. Plus, FYI, it’s also called a Holiday Pie opposite a pond.

We’re only not sure, though American business can’t indeed get enough. One even tweeted: “I’d like to record a grave censure with @mcdonalds since i was only perplexing to get some fries and they offering me a holiday cake and now I’m dependant and don’t even know what’s in it.”

We’d be peaceful to give it a go. Anything is improved than zero *cough cough, McDonald’s*.

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