The bequest of a rotisserie chicken: grocery stores’ golden goose

Last year, Americans purchased no reduction than 625m rotisserie chickens during grocery bondage opposite a country.

In an age where brick-and-mortar grocers are removing dejected by Amazon and food smoothness titans, these small pre-cooked birds are a guide of light. Priced low and sole ready-to-eat, they’ve been a primo captivate for grocery stores looking to captivate in shoppers for some-more than 20 years.

So primo, in fact, that certain bondage are now investing large bucks in optimizing their rotisserie duck supply chains.

How’d it all begin, grandpapa?!

Well kids, behind in a early ‘90s, Boston Market (then Boston Chicken) started portion adult rotisserie chickens as on-the-go “convenience” dishes — and sales went by a roof.

Grocery bondage started throwing on to a craze: by ‘94, Costco and Kroger were on a duck train, and by ‘98, Safeway, Albertsons, and many others came aboard.

These bondage cost their chickens super low (anywhere from $4.99 to $7.99), and cruise them to be a “loss leader” — an interesting product they didn’t indispensably distinction from, though that would tempt business to buy other things, like high-margin side dishes (conveniently placed by a chickens).

The rotisserie duck supply chain

The strange success of rotisserie duck sales in new years — and unflinching enterprise to keep them during a low price-point — has stirred stores to deposit heavily in streamlining their duck infrastructure.

Costco, a undisputed king of rotisserie chickens (they sole 87m of them final year, or 14% of a whole market) is throwing down $300m to build their possess ornithology estimate plant so they can hit out a middle-chicken.

They also, like other grocers, use a series of tricks to make rotisserie chickens seem like a improved understanding than they indeed are, including injecting a beef with adult to ½ a bruise of salt water.

But that’s kind of tough to protest about when you’re profitable $4.99 for a 3-pound bird pre-garnished with lemon and pepper.

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