The Jaguars have combined an all-teal playoff menu, including a teal cheeseburger

With a wild-card turn of a NFL playoffs starting in small days, teams are removing their stadiums prepared for vehement fans, who will arrive with a craving for winning. And a Jacksonville Jaguars wish that their fans will also arrive with a craving for some severely uncanny looking food.

On Thursday, a Jaguars expelled photos of their special Jaguars-themed playoff menu. There are no jaguars in a food (whew), though it really has a theme. A really splendid theme.

That is a teal cheeseburger, teal ice cream, and teal beer. Everything presumably tastes normal, it only has a shockingly teal coming to relate a Jaguars’ group colors.

There are dual ways to proceed these teal food items. On one hand, it’s a playoffs, so because not go all out! It’s all about group suggestion and fan unrestrained and teal food can positively be partial of that. On a other hand, that teal cheeseburger only looks *weird.* And not in an “I wish to eat that” kind of way, though a “do we have to eat that?” kind of way. The teal drink and teal ice cream are fine, though a teal cheeseburger competence be a overpass too far. It looks like a print of a burger with an Instagram filter has come to life.

It’s not a initial time that colored cheeseburgers have been tried. A few years ago, Burger King Japan introduced an all-black burger (including a bun, sauce, and cheese, yuck), and a burger with splendid red buns. Both were accessible for a singular time, only like this teal cheeseburger.

But who knows what a destiny holds. If a Jaguars blow out a Buffalo Bills on Sunday, teal cheeseburgers could be seen again. Is that a good thing? Only a fans who are adventurous adequate to try it can decide.

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