The Dish: The Chocolaterie

The Chocolaterie

3099 Main St.

Duluth, GA 30096


Owners: Michael and Elizabeth Ashworth

Open since: Jul 2016

Location: ancestral downtown Duluth during a dilemma of Main Street and West Lawrenceville Street

Hours: noon to 8 p.m Tuesday by Thursday, noon to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. Sunday

Atmosphere: In 2007, Michael and Elizabeth Ashworth started their business creatively in Cumming before relocating it to ancestral downtown Duluth scarcely 10 years later. The Ashworths put some TLC into a former Bank of Duluth building and done it home.

“When we detected this dilapidated, free-standing building on a dilemma of Main (Street and West Lawrenceville Street), we only knew it was for us,” Elizabeth Ashworth said. “After 3 prolonged months of renovation, a dream came loyal and we non-stop to a furious accepting on a bustling weekend of Jul 1, 2016.”

Savory treats, trinkets and tiny gifts are accessible for squeeze during a shop, that is set adult a like a friendly cafeteria with some indoor and outside seating.

Classic potion bottles of soda line a shelves behind a chocolate displays, while jar after jar of candy lighten a area nearby a ice cream case.

Menu: The Chocolaterie offers opposite forms of chocolates, ice cream, sorbet, desserts and candy, though a chocolate truffles are a many popular.

“We have chocolates for everyone’s budget,” Elizabeth Ashworth said. “The chocolate truffles are a stars of a show.”

The small, turn delights enclose copiousness of flavor, with their somewhat crispy bombard and well-spoken filling. The handmade, hand-painted chocolate variety, that changes from time to time, has enclosed flavors such as Dark Chocolate Amaretto Kiss, Pecan Caramel Turtle, White Chocolate Party Cake and more.

The non-genetically mutated mammal ice cream is done with hormone-free divert and cream with during slightest 16 percent butterfat. Every product done during a emporium is gluten-free solely a cookies and cake.

The staff is accessible to assistance business navigate a season selections, that can change as most as 4 times a week. Flavors might embody Triple Belgian Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, Oreo Cookies and Cream, Oregon Black Cherry Bomb, Fresh Strawberries and Cream, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel and more.

Visitors can emanate a tradition ice cream sandwich by selecting any dual cookies with any ice cream flavor.

Non-dairy uninformed fruit sorbet, coconut cream-based gelato and other choice treats are available. The Chocolaterie offers a few vegan chocolate bars and truffles. The emporium has also started carrying ice pops from a Atlanta-based association King of Pops.

More than 50 forms of panned chocolate and confections are sole by a bruise and are ideal for tradition celebration creations.

Something we might not know: Elizabeth Ashworth designed “The Chocolaterie Mural Lady” and consecrated a artist Garry Limuti to paint a artwork, that faces West Lawrenceville Street. A closer demeanour shows a store trademark dark in a hair barrette of a lady holding chocolate.

“‘The Chocolaterie Mural Lady’ is ‘every woman’ with as most mystique as a Mona Lisa,” she said. “We are so happy that it brings courtesy and beauty to a store. It has turn a landmark with general interest for a city of Duluth, not to discuss it is a prohibited selfie spot.”

Also, a Ashworths use a former bank safe as a cold place to store chocolate.

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