The Chilaquiles Burrito during Cafe Calacas Is Breakfast Perfection

When it comes to breakfast, chilaquiles are essential. The classical Mexican breakfast is a ideal Saturday brunch or Sunday morning hangover cure, finished of corn tortilla chips lonesome in red or immature salsa, and customarily surfaced with cotija cheese and a boiled egg. And while a rest of us are stranded in 2018, one Santa Ana grill is vital in a destiny by creation a handheld chronicle of chilaquiles to take on a road.

“Our chilaquiles are already unequivocally popular,” Cafe Calacas owners Sam Ruiz told Thrillist, “so we wanted to take that and make something some-more unique” — so, adhering with a trend of wrapping things adult in burritos, Ruiz motionless to hurl his chilaquiles adult inside a tortilla. “Burritos are a large seller here, large seller everywhere, and we had never unequivocally seen it finished before.” pronounced Ruiz. “We attempted it out, and a hardness was there, season was there, so we only ran with it.”

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