The Cheeseburger of a Forest: Evidence of Global Warming

The problem is deception from predators. During a late open and summer a snowshoe hare has a brownish-red cloak to mix into a timberland floor. By late Oct a brownish-red cloak has been transposed by one that is sleet white, to mix into a winter-long covering of snow. However, in new years, there is no sleet by late Oct so a white hare sticks out like a neon pointer observant “eat me” to lynxes, owls, cayotes, bobcats and more. Wildlife biologist during a University of Montana, Scott Mills, started study a snowshoe hares behind in 1998. He detected that a change of tone of a hares’ coats was tied to a length of a day, not a temperature. So if there is no snow, a hare is incompatible to a timberland floor, so simply manifest and quick food for predators.

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