The best breakfast burrito I’ve had in Wichita, and you’ll be astounded who creates it

I have a new food obsession, and when that happens, we have to share.

My co-workers and we have started a small tradition of carrying circuitously coffee emporium Espresso to Go Go(the Unicorn plcae in The Lux, 120 E. First St.) broach coffee to us on Fridays. It’s a small prerogative for flourishing a week.

And it only so happens that Little Lion Ice Cream, that has a kiosk inside a coffee emporium (they call it a “Petit Cafe”), has started offered some-more than only ice cream, expanding into waffles, yogurt parfaits and breakfast burritos. The smoothness folks will move Little Lion treats with a coffee.

So one day a few weeks ago, we systematic a Little Lion veggie breakfast burrito with my cinnamon toast latte. we opted for a no-meat chronicle since we was already feeling guilty about my sweetened coffee.

Never skip a internal story.

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I could tell before we unwrapped it that this burrito was going to be special. It’s all bundled adult in vellum paper that has griddle outlines on a outside. I’m not certain that paper griddle outlines are a hallmark of a good breakfast burrito, though they certain can’t hurt.

The burrito itself was golden brownish-red and crispy with another set of griddle marks, and once we bit into it, wow. This burrito was pressed with only a right brew of spinach, garlic potatoes, scrambled eggs and feta cheese, that had gotten a small melty and served as a celestial binding. And it came with a side of what seemed to be homemade salsa.

I can’t explain accurately what creates this burrito so good, though a reduction of a uninformed ingredients, a hardness of a potatoes and a spinach inside and a ideal griddle on a extraneous of a burrito are a torpedo combination.

I insisted that Jubilee Miller, who owns Little Lion with her husband, Ian, tell me what done these burritos so good.

“We spent a lot of time final tumble work offered opposite mixture and recipes before we expelled them into a wild,” she said. “I’m not certain what creates them so addictive, besides love, though you’re not a initial chairman to contend that.”

Miller forked to a peculiarity internal ingredients, including spinach from Strong Roots in Valley Center and tortillas from La Tradicion. There’s also a beef chronicle that adds sausage from Jako Farm. (All this integrity comes during a price. A veggie burrito is $6.50, and a beef burrito is $7.50. But we’ve motionless they’re value it.)

As a direct for a burritos grows, Miller said, they’re holding them on a road. They’ll be environment adult their mobile Little Lion transport during Central Standard brewing Thursday by Saturday for a NCAA Tournament and will be offered a burritos and ice cream, too. The burritos are also accessible during a Little Lion cafeteria inside Espresso to Go Go during The Lux from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays by Fridays, from 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays and from 8 a .m. to 1 p.m. Sundays.

Little Lion Ice Cream, named for a daughter of founders Ian and Jubilee Miller, is qualification ice cream, done with surprising combinations of internal ingredients. They sell from their transport (schedule on website) and during Espresso To Go Go. (Aug. 31, 2016)

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