The 2016 Blue-Chip Ratio: How tighten is your CFB group to carrying title-level talent?

In 2014, we wrote about how signing some-more four- and five-star recruits than two- and three-star recruits in a prior 4 recruiting classes has been a prerequisite to winning a inhabitant pretension over a final decade-plus. we called this a Blue-Chip Ratio.

In 2015, we discussed either a College Football Playoff could boost a possibility of a group descending brief of a customary and still winning a title, concluding it substantially creates it tougher, given chances are a non-super recruiter would have to improved dual overwhelming rosters consecutively.

As my co-worker Bill Connelly has said, winning in college football takes talent acquisition, growth and deployment. we agree. But Gene Chizik has a inhabitant title, while Mark Dantonio and Gary Patterson do not; merger is by distant a many critical element. By NCAA rule, coaches get usually 20 hours per week with their players. Only so many growth can be done.

And yet, notwithstanding 80 percent of FBS teams carrying scarcely 0 shot to win a National Championship, a competition is still extravagantly popular.

So how’s a Ratio demeanour for 2016?

(It’s value it to supplement a disclaimer. This metric is utterly useful for final that teams have sealed chosen talent. It is not a many useful for differentiating between bad and next normal teams, or next normal and average; some teams simply do not have many of a shot of signing chosen prospects and instead try to find diamonds in a rough. That’s a plan that can furnish wins, yet maybe not rings.)

The inhabitant champion will roughly positively be from this group:

The 13 teams to strech a blue-chip threshold this year are Alabama, USC, Ohio State, LSU, Notre Dame, Florida State, Michigan, Auburn, UCLA, Texas AM, Georgia, Clemson, and Texas.

This list includes schools that have won 12 of a final 14 inhabitant championships (Florida won a other dual and met a symbol during a time; it’s during 39 percent for 2016 after a new coaching change). It also includes 8 other inhabitant pretension diversion appearances in that span.

Are there any vital surprises on this list? Not to critical recruitniks.

Alabama clearly belongs. Ohio State is impossibly young, though it is tough to bonus that turn of talent. LSU, Notre Dame and Florida State are loaded.

UCLA, Georgia, Texas AM and maybe Texas competence mount out to some as surprises given of their relations miss of new on-field success.

After National Signing Day, it looked like Texas would dump off a list, though adding a handful of tip former Baylor signees pushed a Longhorns behind adult to 50 percent.

Some schools on a list above assistance to settle that this turn of recruiting is necessary, though not sufficient, to win a title.

Here’s how a whole Power 5 ranks, including comparison non-powers who’ve sealed during slightest one four- or five-star in a final 4 years.

Let’s demeanour during any conference.

The Big 12 and Pac-12

There is an engaging energetic in both. The group in any that has recruited a many talent on Signing Day isn’t seen as a best gamble to win.

In a Big 12, that favorite is Oklahoma. The Sooners won a Big 12 and finished a Playoff in 2015 before removing crushed by Clemson, a group that does partisan during a pretension level. Oklahoma sits during 36 percent, good for second in a Big 12, though has been recruiting improved in new years after holding a drop with a 2013 and 2014 classes. Is carrying an chosen QB in Baker Mayfield and a good, though not great, register adequate to mangle through? History says no.

TCU is also a smart Playoff pick, and a Horned Frogs have been improving fast on a recruiting trail, signing some-more four- and five-stars in a many new category than in all of a prior 3 combined. But those prior 3 classes still count, and a Blue-Chip Ratio of 13 percent is substantially distant too low to win a biggest prize.

With a exit of Baylor as a tip recruiting threat, I’ll be meddlesome to see how converging of talent during a tip changes a dynamics in a league. It could meant dual or 3 additional blue-chip players any for Texas, Oklahoma and maybe TCU. That’s a large understanding for a joining unfortunate to margin an chosen team, as against to several unequivocally good ones. Texas personification to a turn it recruits would assistance even more.

Out West, this is a final year that USC can contend it is being severely impacted by NCAA sanctions, as a Trojans’ 12-man category of 2013 is still on a books. And can UCLA unequivocally contend for a inhabitant championship after all it mislaid to a breeze and attrition?

In a North Division, Stanford, Oregon, and Washington plan as clever teams, though nothing has managed to pointer some-more than 33 percent blue-chips over a final 4 years. Stanford is glorious during influence and development, Oregon has a singular scheme, and Washington manager Chris Petersen is deliberate among a best, though this multiplication feels like it has a contingent of unequivocally good teams, not a contingent of pretension contenders.

Complicating this problem is that a Pac-12 lacks pushover teams. That means even some-more rubbish for unequivocally good teams, quite with a joining personification a nine-game discussion schedule.


The ACC has dual pretension contenders in Clemson and Florida State, and a gifted Louisville that many have in a tip 20. And it finished 4 hires that were widely praised: Justin Fuente during Virginia Tech, Mark Richt during Miami, Dino Babers during Syracuse and Bronco Mendenhall during Virginia.

The information shows how many work contingency be finished for those coaches to strech their tip goals. Miami is mixed chosen classes divided from carrying adequate talent to contend for a inhabitant title. Virginia Tech’s talent turn has slipped precipitously in new years; Frank Beamer and Co. competence have been spendthrift talent a few years ago, though a Hokies simply haven’t had many chosen signees to rubbish in new years.

I also find it engaging that a Atlantic Division has a ACC’s dual best and 3 misfortune recruiters while a Coastal teams are clustered in a middle.


The SEC is still a best conference. It wins titles and produces a many breeze picks.

And a reason is recruiting. Five of a 13 teams assembly or surpassing a 50-percent customary are from a SEC. No other joining has some-more than two.

It says something when some-more than half of a joining has sealed a aloft commission of blue-chips over a final 4 cycles than Ole Miss, a group best famous for a new recruiting.

The new heavenly seems to be Tennessee. Is Tennessee good adequate to mangle through? Butch Jones is famous many some-more for his recruiting than his coaching. But if a Vols do win a SEC East, they are expected to accommodate a group from a West (Alabama, LSU) that has recruited extremely better.

The Big Ten

It feels like ages given Urban Meyer lamented a miss of chosen talent in a Big Ten.

His new censure competence be that it is all clustered in one division. The normal Blue-Chip Ratio in a East Division is 30; in a West it is usually 6.

As if Ohio State and Michigan weren’t enough, Penn State has been recruiting flattering well. Michigan State, a group with arguably a best growth and on-field coaching in a joining has been fast improving; branch wins into some-more talent could fuel some-more wins.

Poor Maryland, Indiana, and Rutgers. If usually they could somehow get into a Big Ten West.

The Group of Five

Houston is a group from a Group of 5 receiving many of a preseason love, and a recruiting justifies many of a hype. The Cougars have been a best recruiting group outward a Power 5, formed on a Ratio, and signing 4 blue-chips final year is a primary reason because manager Tom Herman is being deliberate for many of a chosen jobs in a country.

Note: Player ratings are from a 247Sports Composite, that blends ratings from 247Sports, Scout, ESPN and Rivals. We attempted to endorse accurate and finish signing category information for each team. This does not embody walk-ons or players who never sealed grant papers.

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