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After a large Thanksgiving dinner, it competence be time to give your stomach a small digestive rest. So cook Marcel Vigneron of Wolf restaurant suggests we start your day with a smoothie! Try one done with left over yam or honeyed potatoes.

“One dip of plant-based protein powder, put a banana right in there, some raspberries let’s do some strawberries too,” pronounced Vigneron.

Blend those honeyed orange spuds adult with almond divert and you’ve got a thick, honeyed and tawny breakfast that is utterly stuffing and nutritious.

“So when you’re ill of crush potatoes and you’re perplexing to come adult with a fun approach to re-create a leftovers. We’re going to do a small potatoes leek soup.

Sauté onions, celery and leeks together, persperate compartment good and tender,” he said.

Then supplement potatoes divert and complicated cream or duck gas if you’re perplexing to abate a load. Blend it or keep it corpulent according to your palate. Season with peppers and chives.

One good idea, cook Vigneron takes flattering most all you’ve had on a list and puts it one dish, in Shepherd’s Pie.

“The issue of Thanksgiving. We’ve got a stuffing, we’ve got a turkey we’ve got some crush potatoes,” shouted Vigneron.

He creates a bottom membrane with stuffing, afterwards layers turkey, veggies, tops with a crushed potatoes- and a good volume of breadcrumbs and cheese for a one-dish robust dish that will hit out those leftovers.

And if by possibility you’d rather sup during Wolf instead of home, he’s aiming to purify his pantry out too.

“We have a leftovers that aren’t leftovers. For an additional $15 we can get turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry all a fixings. So that approach when we go home we still have a small something to eat,” pronounced Vigneron.

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