TASTE TEST: The ambience of summer is here with Scrambled Diner’s pulled pig skillet

TASTE TEST: Captain’s House adds general piquancy to renouned lobster roll

A lobster hurl is surfaced with smoked salmon during Captain’s House in Gary’s Miller neighborhood.

Gary’s Miller Beach area entirely embraces a lakeshore temperament with some brightly pastel condos that wouldn’t demeanour out of place in Florida, boutiques that support to beachgoers and some of a best seafood in Northwest Indiana.

Miller Bakery Cafe, a Beach Cafe, the new California Crab Shack and Captain’s House all surpass during seafood dishes, yet nothing of it is entrance out of Lake Michigan.

The nautically themed Captain’s House during 6004 Miller Ave., that has a vessel parked out front, boasts a menu with delights like shrimp and grits, crab-stuffed chicken, Chesapeake crab cakes, Lobster pot pie, Salmon Wellington, a Boozy Cod Sandwich, seafood tacos and a Louisiana Po’boy Sandwich with Alaskan Cod Loin and Gulf Shrimp.

The lobster rolls are divine.

And now Captain’s House, helmed by acclaimed cook Angela McCrovitz, has rolled out a far-reaching array of general lobster hurl variations. The funky, infrequent eatery offers a normal “The Nantucket” New England lobster roll, as good as a “Aphrodite” Greek, “The Ancient Nordic” Swedish, “Herr Hummer” German, “The Aztec” Mexican, “Seoul” Korea, “The Polynesian Island,” “Conquistadora” Spanish, “Bangkok” Thai, “The Charleston” Southern, “The Maki” Japan, “Goodfella’s” Italy, “The Blarney Stone” Irish and “The Kremlin” Russian versions. They come with high-quality mixture like caviar, vodka aioli, Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, kimchi, hoisin salsa and applewood bacon.

A standout is “The Ancient Nordic,” that is surfaced with a inexhaustible store of tender, tender lobster meat, bleu cheese, caramelized onion and unbelievably delicious smoked salmon, all pressed into a buttery, toasted bun. It’s a uninformed spin on a New England classic.

For $16, we get a feast that includes potato chips done in Michigan, potato salad, a plight and a cute, Instagrammable fish-shaped cookie.

For some-more information, call 219-239-2639.

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