Taste Test: Restaurant Hummus

Yes, hello. I’m here currently to speak to we about hummus. If we flip to page 377 in your “The New Food Lover’s Companion” book by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst, we can review along:

Hummus [HOOM-uhs] This thick Middle Eastern salsa is done from crushed chickpeas seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and olive or sesame oil. It’s customarily served as a drop with pieces of pita, or as a sauce. When tahini (sesame-seed paste) is added, it becomes hummus bi tahina. Middle Eastern markets lift both forms in cans or jars or infrequently fresh.

Hummus is good. You know this. And if we don’t like hummus, afterwards maybe we will suffer this worried song video about hummus.

(I’m sorry. we warned you.)

I systematic 5 grill hummuses to a bureau today. My colleagues scooped a chickpea spreads with pita and afterwards jotted down their thoughts. This is what they had to say.

The hummus:

A. Cafe Izmir

B. Kostas Cafe

C. Fadi’s Cuisine

D. Sevan GG Cafe

E. Medina Oven Bar

Tasting notes:

Cafe Izmir

I trust there is tahini in this and it unequivocally comes by nicely. The pita is … fine. Seems store bought. Bah, humbug. Get improved pita and this is a winner.

Wooo! This one is garlicky. Smooth as silk, with a good lemon zing, and totally seductive and delicious, yet NOT something to eat on a date … unless, of course, you’re into that. (It’s roughly some-more like an aioli, or that insanely garlicky Lebanese salsa toum.)

Light, creamy, a bit thinner than your normal hummus. Pretty good, flattering good.

You know how some people’s houses have a strong, graphic smell that seeps into everything, so that even a ice tastes weird? That’s what this reminds me of. Office speak is suggesting it’s complicated use of tahini, yet we like tahini and we hatred this. It’s also runny.

This hummus was immature with a tiny flog on a behind end, usually like Greek The Simpson’s voice actor Hank Azaria.

This had an peculiar ambience during first. Almost like someone had usually burped in your mouth. Once we get over that, it leaves a good garlic-y aftertaste. Bread is nice!

Creamy, roughly aioli-like hardness and flavor. Consistency is too liquid-y for me, it feels like salad dressing. I’ve never pronounced no to hummus, so I’d eat it again, yet usually if we literally put it right in front of me.

Kostas Cafe

This pita rules. But a hummus is ho-hum.

This pita is super greasy and complicated – I’m not a fan. The hummus is somehow both flowing and chunky, a tiny bleached and immature and unequivocally chick-pea-chalky. The twin is in peculiar couple.

This is genuine good. Garlic-laden with soft, pillowy pita. Reallll good.

I like this one so many some-more than a first. It’s clever on olive oil flavor. A solid, beautiful hummus and good pita companion.

This hummus was thicker yet a bit bland. The pita that came with it was good and greasy, like Greek Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

Once we non-stop adult a foil-encased pita, we knew we was going to like it. The pita is fluffy, ideally baked on both sides and was utterly lovely. we wish we could contend a same for a pita.

This pita is divine; springy, chewy, fluffy. The hummus is a bit dirty for me, though. we ate it all, yet since of a pita. The vessel shouldn’t be improved than a dip, so this one wasn’t my favorite, ever, yet it was my favorite of a bunch.

Fadi’s Cuisine

I like how acidic this hummus is. It’s bright. And a pita is great; it’s some-more like a pocket, that gives we dual sides to lift from. It’s like removing a good deal. we would eat this in a front chair of a hummer.

I adore a country demeanour of this pita, that comes in full, feathery founds and is a tiny sweet. Totally not a thin, flat, traditional. The hummus is thick and bean-y, with paprika dusted over it. Super traditional.

The pita is a bit like dry pizza crust, that ain’t a compliment. The hummus tastes sorta store-bought. Would we eat this? Yeah. I’d eat a ruin out of it. But it’s a misfortune of a 3 I’ve had so far.

This is flattering bland. The pita looked flattering and pompous and juicy yet it’s not that great. we consider this would be good if we combined a bit of piquancy or maybe served it with olives or something.

This hummus was classical and well-spoken with usually adequate season and a powdering of paprika, usually like Greek Full House heartthrob John Stamos.

This bread had some-more of a crunchy and roughly oppressive feel. The hummus was good. Nothing great.

I unequivocally desired this pita. It was ethereal with a spirit of break on a shell. The hummus was sincerely good yet could use a fist of lemon to make it some-more dynamic.

Sevan GG Cafe

My pita fell apart. Which isn’t that large of a deal. It was a tiny piece. It arrange of tastes like nothing. The hummus, however, was abounding and lonesome in olive oil. It’s a hum-dinger of healthy fats.

If we were to take a paper bag, get it wet, afterwards dry it out, it competence ambience like this flat, dry pita. The hummus is super-thick with tahini. Totally decadent. A tiny like eating true tahini off a spoon, though.

I had high hopes for this one, since a hummus was swimming in olive oil. But we can’t detach a hummus from a cardboard-like pita. we mean, would we eat this if it were handed to me? Course we would. I’m no idiot. But it’s a misfortune of a 4 I’ve attempted so far.

The hummus is super tawny and tahini-ful. The season is purify and rich, and we kind of like a thin, crisper pita.

This hummus was plain yet had stronger olive oil taste. It was well-spoken yet there was not many else to it, like Greek starlet of Friends fame, Jennifer Aniston.

I like this pita. The hummus was uninformed yet zero out of a ordinary.

So bland. So boring. Like if your midwestern aunt attempted to be brave and move a Mediterranean platter to a party. Stick with a immature bean stew subsequent time. This bread was like paper. Flavorless and sad. None of it was bad, usually so unequivocally boring.

Medina Oven Bar

This is a common hummus and pita. The hummus is fluffy and bold, and we adore a give of a pita bread. It would concede me to drop some-more and not flop. It also kind of tastes like a flour tortilla. we honour this, and we like it.

This man has some uncanny delicious things going on. Are they regulating some other kind of bean? Like white bean? Hmmm. we feel like I’m eating Italian cannellini bean soup. And unequivocally we usually wish to supplement some rosemary. It’s fine, yet I’d rather be warned.

This has some roasted red peppers vibes, and we like that.

This hummus has a good hardness and fine flavor, yet a pita is kinda stale. Nothing to write home about.

This hummus smoky, consistent, with good flavor, like Greek 30 Rock star Tina Fey.

This hummus really has a many kick. Garlic and lemon portions were on point. we took a bread from B. and ate a rest of this hummus with it. It had a good piquancy during a end.

This hummus has a arrange of unfeeling aftertaste that we didn’t love. we know that’s mocking since it’s done of plants, yet whatever. It competence be matched for someone else yet it usually didn’t do it for me.

Cafe Izmir 1
Kostas Cafe 3
Fadi’s Cuisine 1
Sevan GG Cafe 0
Medina Oven Bar 2

The leader is:

Kostas Cafe is a leader of this week’s ambience test. There we have it. What’s your favorite hummus in town? Let’s discuss.

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