Taste of Chicago, World’s Largest Food Fest, Sounds Just as Good …

Even a many intoxicatingly different food festival, like a world’s largest Taste of Chicago, needs to keep a other senses in line. Sure, there are copiousness of scents, sights and tastes to be had there — though a five-day-long food festival needs some sound to yield pep to foodies flocking to Grant Park in a summer heat. That’s because integrator Technotrix went with Martin Audio.

In further to a classical dishes internal to Chicago and executive Illinois, Taste of Chicago offers list after list of specialty cuisines from racial area restaurants
and singular creations from chefs. The festival also opted to move a identical farrago to a two-day live song lineup inside a nearby Petrillo Music Shell. The lineup enclosed artists like Alessia Cara, Cafë Tacvba, Ben Harper The Innocent Criminals, Passion Pit and The O’Jays, to name a few.

The Martin Audio Rig during Taste of Chicago

Technotrix, Inc. granted a Martin Audio MLA complement with usually 8 flown MLA cabinets a side and 6 MLX subs a side ground-stacked in front of a stage. Technotrix Audio Department Manager Brent Bernhardt says a paraphernalia capability during The Shell facilities a weight extent that is formidable to work around.

“You can’t run as large a box count as we routinely would for a festival this size,” he says, “so we had to cover about 250 ft. to a check ring with 8 boxes a side, that is pulling it even for a required line array with 16 boxes a side. The fact that we done something some-more than excusable occur with that many cabinets is conspicuous and speaks to a capabilities of Martin Audio MLA.”

Taste of Chicago, Martin Audio

Bernhardt records that a regulating Martin Audio MLAs authorised his group to grasp a volume pattern that doesn’t blow people out of their seats in a front quarrel though also throws adequate SPL out distant adequate to cover a throng — an considerable attainment during a noisy, swarming food festival, filled with tons of ambient sound.

The Reaction

When asked about reactions to a system, Brent says that, while FOH engineers for a bands were primarily endangered when they saw only 8 boxes, they were educated to listen to a complement before flitting judgment.

“It was no warn that not one of them had a censure after conference MLA,” he says.

Learn some-more about Technotrix on their website.

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