Tacolicious Opening Delivery-Only Rotisserie Chicken Business

Cal-Mex mini-empire Tacolicious is removing into a delivery-only diversion with MF Chicken, a Mexican rotisserie duck business rising by Caviar on Jun 19. With a smoothness food marketplace sepulchral and his plenty prep space during Tacolicious kitchens, owners Joe Hargrave says it was time to give his long-held duck dreams a shot.

It’s no fluke that attention players like Hargrave and former Locanda cook Anthony Strong — launching delivery-only grill Young Fava subsequent week — are creation identical moves. “Those are only a final of a market,” Hargave says. “It’s so painfully costly to open a grill in San Francisco right now, and there’s a outrageous marketplace share being taken adult by smoothness services.”

With Rich Table’s spinoff RT Rotisserie now open and also doing delivery, Rotisserie duck is also going around — though that’s some-more of a coincidence, says Hargrave. He’s been branch a thought over in his conduct given a ’90s, operative during (the late) rotisserie house LuLu during a heyday. In fact, Hargrave nearly launched a brick-and-mortar MF Chicken in Noe Valley in 2012, coining a impertinent name, that stands (among other things) for “muy fierce.”

While he balked on a grill space, rotisserie duck was also a fit for delivery. “It binds unequivocally good — hot, cold, anywhere in between” and once we get a timing down, it’s like clockwork, Hargrave says. That, and his kids adore it: To get a recipe right, he’s been experimenting during home with a Ronco countertop rotisserie oven.

MF Chicken’s birds, Rocky chickens in an ancho-chile formed marinade, are $32 for a whole and $17 for a half, with fixings included: Rice, Rancho Gordo black midnight beans, chopped onions, cilantro, sharp cabbage slaw, and La Palma tortillas. They’re served possibly chopped or on a bone, with a healthy supply of “orange sauce,” as desirous by La Victoria in San Jose, thrown in a mix.

MF Chicken’s hours — or a Caviar smoothness window, to be accurate — are 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., with giveaway smoothness and 30 percent off to start.

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