Taco Bell Is Making Insane Fries-Stuffed Burritos

In only a final few years alone, Taco Bell has maniacally collided dishes like chicken nuggets and quesadillas, fried eggs and tacos, and even Kit Kats and quesadillas to form a attempt food combos of your wildest munchies. But even after unleashing such creations as a Naked Egg Taco, a sequence somehow hadn’t slammed dual of your favorite dishes — burritos and fries — together… until now.

Taco Bell is now portion what appears to be a first-ever fries-stuffed burritos, aptly dubbed Loaded Fries Burritos, as partial of a exam during some of a locations in a Charleston, West Virginia area. As a report by Brand Eating explains, a carb overkill is accessible in 3 varieties: a Supreme version that’s done with belligerent beef, fries, tomatoes, nacho cheese, and green cream; a California chronicle that facilities all a same mixture and guacamole; and a Chipotle chronicle that’s done with sharp chipotle sauce.

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