Swiss Alps are a enchanting brew of cheese, chocolate and overwhelming scenery

Switzerland — a land of Gothic castles, snow, and ardent artisans — is home to a Swiss Alps, one of a many scenic towering ranges in a world.

While adventurers ski, climb, and transport a high slopes, Switzerland’s Alpine segment also offers innumerable experiences, such as truffle hunting, fondue parties, chocolate tastings, and roving motorcycles by a Central European country’s rural landscapes.

The castle-guarded city of Gruyères, race 55, begs a day outing or an overnight stop on a approach to a Alps (Gruyères is deliberate “Pre-Alps”). Here, travelers are rewarded with locally done chocolate and cheese fondue. La Maison du Gruyère, a blurb cheese cooperative, invites guest to representation cheeses from Gruyères cows that graze on bluebell plants, clover, thyme, and violet, giving a Gruyère cheese a graphic taste. Local master chocolatier Richard Uldry owns Chocolaterie de Gruyères, where he creates his sweets, bean-to-bar, in a village. Reserve a proof and preparation in excellent Swiss chocolate with Uldry and feast on treats afterwards.

Dairy rancher and workman cheesemaker Gerard Biland, who comes from a prolonged origin of dairy farmers, and his wife, Ann, possess Buvette des Invuettes, a desirable epicurean café between Gruyères and a encampment of Gstaad. Here in Val-de-Charmey, one side of a transport speaks German, a other side, French, a signature of Swiss culture.

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Biland, who over a 19-year tutelage to be means to invent his possess cheeses, spends his summers with his cows in a high Alpine meadows. “The aloft a mountain, a sweeter a grass, a improved a cheese,” Biland said. In autumn, Ann, awarded a region’s “Best Cook” award, creates pumpkin soup and croûte aux champignons — internal mushrooms on toast — during Buvette des Invuettes in a hollow surrounded by sprouting mountains.

Gstaad, one of a poshest ski towns in a world, provides travelers with days on a slopes, afternoons in a village, and nights in a saunas after nutritive feasts. One of a best hotels in Gstaad is a showy nonetheless playful, Le Grand Bellevue.

The Swiss Riviera on Lake Geneva.

The Swiss Riviera on Lake Geneva.

(ST/C. Sonderegger/Switzerland Tourism)

At Bellevue, guest have entrance to mint-condition Harley Davidson motorcycles, a chauffeured Bentley, ski rentals, a curated library, a private cinema with full staff, and a 30,000-square-foot sauna with 8 saunas and hammams. Basement discotheque Bouquet facilities a cigar lounge, a private dining room, and booths done from kilims. The Grand Bellevue is in a heart of Gstaad, so Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Ralph Lauren are only a wander away.

Lake Geneva on a Swiss Riviera is where Henry James’ “Daisy Miller” begins, and where Ernest Hemingway and Henry Miller sipped drinks. Vevey, a lush French-speaking Swiss lakeside town, has a perspective of a French Alps and was home to Charlie Chaplin (the wordless film star’s home is now a Vevey museum called Chaplin’s World). Shop in city in Vevey’s brocantes, markets that lift kindly ragged oppulance products during reduce prices.

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The Hotel des Trous Couronnes is a five-star hotel on Lake Geneva with one of a many pleasing views in Vevey. Rent bicycles and conduct down a dance along a lake to a carousel, a Nestle headquarters, and a Vevey food museum, Alimentarium, that has a seasonally-focused café.

The chalet is iconic of Switzerland. Mountaintop dark gem Le CouCou, built in this architectural style, overlooks Lake Geneva and serves nation transport and a sport menu, sourced locally. Enjoy a feast of cheese fondue, roasted lamb, furious black boar, and prohibited apple pie, served subsequent to a resounding fireplace, candles, and shearling blankets on any chair.

Lavaux, an 11th century vineyard and UNESCO World Heritage Site, rests on a bank of Lake Geneva. The categorical booze grape accumulation grown here is a Chasselas. Lavaux is a must-see, given Switzerland especially drinks, rather than exports, a booze it cultivates.

The carousel in Vevey, Switzerland.

The carousel in Vevey, Switzerland.

(Eva Fedderly)

Zermatt is a traveller city during a feet of a snowcapped Matterhorn mountain, one of a top summits in Europe straddling Switzerland and Italy. Tucked into Zermatt is Spycher, a flambé grill set in an aged store residence reproduction (17th century store houses are only stairs away). The restaurant, built in 1964, serves steak, deer, lamb flambé, tuna carpaccio with avocado, and Swiss beef tartar black truffles and cower egg, among other dishes. For dessert, try Spycher’s signature chocolate fondue and a lavender saffron crème brulee.

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While in town, stay during a cozy, classical Alps chalet La Ginabelle in a encampment or transport one-mile adult a Matterhorn and stay during Haus Edelweiss, a bed and breakfast on a runner of Alpine wildflowers.

In Obersteinberg, transport a Alps, afterwards stay during a Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg, a classic, old-style towering chalet. At a property, there is no electricity, so bedrooms are illuminated by candlelight and gas lamps. Outside a hotel are 3 waterfalls cascading down a mountainside. Next door, a old-fashioned dairy plantation provides cheese that a hotel serves any morning for breakfast.

If travelers aren’t prepared to span a Alps alone, Alpenwild Tours provides bespoke active tours of Switzerland interconnected with higher taste. “We like to take a guest immediately out to a farmland and a mountains; this is what a attract and celebrity of Switzerland is all about,” pronounced Greg Witt, who founded Alpenwild with his wife, Elain, in 2004. An all-access beam to Switzerland, Alpenwild’s staff knows a country’s excellent trails, herb farms, truffle hunts, hotel rooms, and chefs, and curates trips formed on travelers’ wishes. Experience a dog-led truffle hunt on a slopes of a Jura Mountains where guest make uninformed truffle butter after a hunt, and ambience spices and sip booze with a internal herb rancher in a Rhone Valley. “Hike like a goat, eat like a king, and nap like a baby,” Witt said.

“We’ll transport all day with a guest in Switzerland’s many lifelike plateau and afterwards go to a chalets with down comforters and oppulance showers, where your luggage and a delicious, prohibited dish await,” Elain added.

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Sunrise in Zermatt, Switzerland, with a Matterhorn in view.

Sunrise in Zermatt, Switzerland, with a Matterhorn in view.

( /Alpenwild)

While gallivanting by a Alps, be certain to steep in to several chocolate stores to prove chocolate cravings. The Swiss, who invented a chocolate bar and divert chocolate, mastered a art of crafting a treat. From bean-to-bar chocolatiers to artisanal confectioners to tellurian factories, chocolate, like a Alps, is a hallmark of Switzerland.

If we go…

Getting there:

Fly approach to Zurich Airport in a chronological city of Zurich, or Geneva Airport in a some-more worldly city of Geneva. Both airports are gateways to a Swiss Alps. Flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport start during $600 roundtrip.


Alpenwild Tours offers 18 opposite small-group tours, such as a “Best of a Swiss Alps,” “Cheese, Chocolate and a Scenic Alps,” “Tour du Mont Blanc,” and “Scenic Alps by Rail,” as good as tradition tailored tours. (

The flambe restaurant, Spycher, in Zermatt.

The flambe restaurant, Spycher, in Zermatt.

(Eva Fedderly)


– In Gruyères, Café-Restaurant Des Remparts is a grill famous for a fondue and overlooks a ramparts and a hollow Rue du Bourg. (

Le CouCou is one of a Swiss Alps’ best mountaintop chalets. (

– Try Zermatt’s flambé restaurant, Spycher , set in a reproduction aged store house. (


Le Grand Bellevue is one of Gstaad’s premiere hotels.

Le Grand Bellevue is one of Gstaad’s premiere hotels.

(Nick Hopper )

– When in Gruyere, stay during Hotel De Gruyères , a nation motel on a hilltop adjacent to a encampment wall. (

Le Grand Bellevue is one of Gstaad’s premiere hotels. (

– The Hotel des Trous Couronnes is a five-star hotel on Lake Geneva with one of a many pleasing views. (

– Stay in a hotel by candlelight and Gaslamp during a Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg . (

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