Sweet potato prices fall

Sweet potato grower-shippers continue to see clever direct for their product though even larger volume to accommodate that demand.

Companies reported good peculiarity and volume from a 2017 crop, and seductiveness from sell and foodservice has been on a upswing.

“As some-more people are looking during healthy options, they also wish good food, things that ambience good,” pronounced Jeff Thomas, executive of selling for Lucama, N.C.-based Scott Farms. “Sweet potato unequivocally fits a mold for both.”

The unfeeling competence not pull as many courtesy as kale or cauliflower, though it has positively gained standing recently.

“The direct for honeyed potatoes continues to arise year after year,” pronounced Will Kornegay, comparison clamp boss of sales and business growth for Snow Hill, N.C.-based Ham Farms. “(The honeyed potato) is unequivocally a superfood, though it’s not a smart superfood — we consider people have honeyed potatoes in their unchanging lineup for a prolonged haul.”



As a recognition of a unfeeling has risen, so has a volume of foe in a industry, and prices simulate it.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported f.o.b. prices of $12-16 for a 40-pound crate of orange honeyed potatoes from eastern North Carolina Feb. 26.

Last year around a same time prices were $14-16, down from mostly $16-17 in 2016 and $16-18 in 2015.

“I consider it’s satisfactory to contend that as expenditure and direct increase, honeyed potatoes turn a unequivocally renouned thing to farm, a renouned commodity to farm, so we consider that creation certain that a supply and direct stay in a auspicious position … could be a challenge,” Kornegay said.

U.S. growers harvested 159,300 acres of honeyed potatoes in 2017, down from 163,300 acres a prior year. From 2010-14, that series had hovered mostly between 115,000 and 130,000 acres, so a burst in new years has been a poignant one.

Industry members remarkable that acreage in North Carolina — a heading writer of honeyed potatoes — could diminution given how low prices have been.

“The doubt is possibly a rancher has motionless if he wants to plant again this year due to what he done final year,” pronounced Tami Long, executive of selling and business growth for Nashville, N.C.-based Nash Produce.

Growing segments for a honeyed potato business embody value-added, organic and varieties like murasaki that are newer to a market.

Opening a eyes of shoppers to opposite ways to use a unfeeling is a priority for grower-shippers.

“We’re saying that consumers wish something easy, they wish convenient, and so one of a things I’m perplexing to do is teach them some-more on honeyed potatoes,” Long said. “People usually consider of a honeyed potato as a stew or a bake.”

Thomas also pronounced preparation is a pivotal event for a industry.

“We have a ability to teach everybody — a retailer, a restaurant, a foodservice supplier, a hotel distributor, a consumer, everybody — on all a uses and a advantages of honeyed potatoes, and we consider by educating we have an event to indeed enhance a use of a product and make it a domicile tack for many all homes,” Thomas said. “There’s unequivocally few negatives, if any, to a honeyed potato.”

Along those lines, companies are vehement to see bearing to honeyed potatoes flourishing interjection to augmenting use of a unfeeling in foodservice.

“You can be so artistic with a honeyed potato,” pronounced Kelley Precythe, boss of Faison, N.C.-based Southern Produce Distributors. “The chefs, they’re adding it to salads, apparently they go good with steaks, they demeanour good on plates, and chefs can do so many things with them.”

Kornegay pronounced honeyed potatoes have turn many some-more prevalent on menus in new years, including internationally.

“It’s unequivocally possibly introducing (consumers) to honeyed potatoes or it’s usually augmenting their notice of not usually a season and a ambience though a health advantages that come along with it,” Kornegay said. “So as some-more expenditure happens in those form of establishments, they naturally wish to buy them some-more for themselves on a sell level.”

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