Sunny Anderson Shares Her Top Three Tips for a Lit Super Bowl Party

Now a thing we unequivocally wanted to learn from Sunny was how to make her SNACK STADIUMS! Snack stadiums are these super cold DIY Queendom standing food dioramas that will guarantee to have folks articulate about your celebration for weeks. In a video shave Sunny demonstrates, that all we need is one of those throw-away roasting pans, fill it with some drop and arrange your chips, celery, wings, pretzels, and cucumbers in a table organizer around it. Whatever your welfare or needs are a break track is certain to be a celebration hit. we meant come on, it’s so elementary though nonetheless so freaking ah-mazing! My Mom already called me and pronounced she’s creation a break track for her Super Bowl shindig, don’t we be left behind with unchanging ole’ drop in a play now.

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