Study proves that Superman ice cream is quintessential Michigan

A new investigate has dynamic a ice cream season any state loves a most.

And Michigan’s is super! Superman, that is.

And because wouldn’t it be? The blue, red and yellow-swirled ice cream has prolonged been compared with Michigan, with many crediting ancestral Detroit drink builder Stroh’s with inventing a colorful treat.

Today, a ice cream named for a “Man of Steel” himself can be found in ice cream shops and stores via Michigan.

The ice cream flavors we crave if you’re from Michigan

Flavors change by location, though customarily embody some multiple of vanilla or lemon for a yellow, black cherry or red cocktail for a red and blue moon for a blue.

Software developer Workwise conducted a investigate of a most-popular ice cream flavors formed on Google hunt volume in any state.

The formula serve infer because Superman is quintessentially Michigan, given it was a usually state to list a tri-colored provide as a favorite.

The investigate also dynamic that Michiganders cite chocolate ice cream to vanilla ice cream. Overall, 33 states cite chocolate compared to 18 for vanilla.

Cookies and cream was a tip season overall, with 14 states inventory it as their favorite. Vanilla (5), Chocolate (4), Peppermint (4), Strawberry (4), Coconut Milk (3) and Mango (2) were a other flavors that surfaced a list in some-more than one state.

You can see a entire news here.

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