Start a year off with Jose Oquendo’s Pastelon (it’s fundamentally a lasagna)

I know I’m a few days late, though happy new year, VEBers. While a news this offseason hasn’t always been auspicious for a Cardinals, one growth that garnered nearby concept regard via Cardinalia was the lapse of Jose Oquendo to a dugout.

So because not applaud with this recipe for Pastelon from Zenaida Oquendo?

4 developed plantains

Oil for frying

2 lbs belligerent beef

12 crater chopped immature pepper

12 crater chopped onion

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 can (8oz) tomato sauce

1 can (17 oz) corn, drained

Sliced cheese

Cut a plantains in lengthwise slices; grill until light brown. Set aside. Brown belligerent beef with peppers, onion and garlic. Add tomato salsa and corn. In a block baking dish, covering plantains, afterwards beef mixture, afterwards cheese. Repeat until all mixture are used. Bake 15-20 mins during 325º or until cheese is melted.

I’d never listened of pastelon before, though it seems to be a sincerely renouned plate in both Puerto Rico and a Dominican Republic. It’s apparently a lot like lasagna, and in fact some recipes we find online will indeed impute to it as “Puerto Rican Lasagna.”

Let’s take it one step further: If we told someone to simply make a lasagna though surrogate boiled plantains for noodles, you’d flattering most have this recipe. So how did it spin out?

One plea in operative with a plantains is to cut them to only a right density – too skinny and they’ll frail adult like chips when we grill them, too thick and they’ll stay chewy on a middle. But if we strike it only right – and I’m articulate maybe a 14 of a in. – you’ll get a good texture: A bit of crunch, afterwards tawny on a inside.

Overall, we cut my plantains only a bit too thick on this initial attempt. As for a rest of a ingredients, it’s… we know… fine? The finish outcome was only a bit tasteless for my tastes, though we could simply piquancy this recipe adult in only about any instruction you’d like. If you’ve got a family lasagna recipe we want, and simply wish to surrogate a plantains in, I’d contend go for it.

I follow @shitty_lasagna on Twitter, so we acknowledge I’ll be examination a feed to see if this appears.

Next week, I’m formulation to tighten things out with a final Hot Stove Cooking with a Cardinals recipe of a season.

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