Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino tastes like sugarine and we should not get one

Nothing says Christmas like a cold crater of sugar. 

At slightest that’s what we kept revelation myself as we took a sip, and another one of a Christmas Tree Frappuccino. It’s Starbucks’ latest mixture that has people using out to corporate coffee shops, where they spend $5 and many expected take a garland of smartphone photos to after post on amicable media. 

Like this: 

Like any good business reporter, we jumped on a trend Sunday. After my editor common a piece by The Denver Post reviewing a splash and some tweets of people’s reactions, we asked if we could go get one and try it myself. Because that, my friends, is reporting. 

Well, I’ve been wanting to get one ever given my sister common a Starbucks ad in a family organisation Thursday morning. 

Three hours later, my mom common a design of hers. Her review: “It is delicious.” Her favorite partial was a candied cranberry topping. 

Image: screenshot

Image: screenshot

I had participated in dual of a prior limited-edition Starbucks drinks. 

The Unicorn Frappuccino, a trend debut, was indeed not too bad in my inequitable opinion. Though we consider we was on an romantic high since we drank them with Chloe a Mini Frenchie (RIP). 

important coffee assembly with @kerrymflynn who we would share a unicorn frappuccino with? 🦄☕️

A post common by Chloe The Mini Frenchie (@chloetheminifrenchie) on Apr 19, 2017 during 5:53pm PDT

The Zombie Frappuccino was strange, though we was also in a center of emceeing an eventuality in Columbus, Ohio. 

I really couldn’t let this one shun me. 

And so that’s how we finished adult celebration 420 calories on a Sunday morning. Fortunately, we live 4 blocks from a Starbucks, so it wasn’t too fatiguing to put on a coupler and travel out in a cold continue for a solidified beverage. 

The many annoying partial was substantially grouping when we asked for a “Christmas Tree Frappuccino” and a barista replied, “What?” So afterwards we had to repeat myself over a cringeworthy sequence while a chairman in front of me only sipped her crater of prohibited coffee. 

I waited to take a sip until we could take photos. Because, of course, that’s accurately what Starbucks wants us all to do. All of a tweets are giveaway ads. Actually, they’re not only free. We’re not removing paid. We’re profitable them. Starbucks is creation income carrying us all make ads for them. It’s brilliant, and I’m happy to be partial of it. 

I got home and looked during a splash on my counter. The Matcha churned cream had melted to half a tallness from before. we finally beheld that there was no candied cranberry topping. But we regretfully took a sip. And oh man, it was not good.

Thin Mints are good (Disclosure: I’m a Girl Scout). Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is awesome. 

The Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino is not possibly of those things. Every sip of this libation is an overkill of sugar. I’d rather vanquish adult a garland of Thin Mints and brew them with some ice and divert in a blender than continue sipping this. 

I’m not going to tell we not to get a Christmas Tree Frappuccino since we can substantially make your possess decisions. But this is not good and we can spend $5 on something else. If we need a picture, go to Starbucks and only wait for someone else to sequence one. But be good to yourself, and don’t splash it. 


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