St Ives Guzman Y Gomez Are Giving Away FREE Burritos All Day Today

Guzman y Gomez is strictly non-stop in St Ives, Sydney!

To celebrate, they’re giving divided giveaway burritos today, starting from noon until 7pm.

Residents of St Ives have been watchful for this ever given rumours began several months go.

There are copiousness of vehement people around a city today!


You don’t need to move anything… usually your burrito-eating faces and some mates. 

They will make all burritos uninformed and to sequence (and will never concede on this!), so we can have your favourite fillings and customise it to fit your needs, and guac is FREE TOO! There will be a live Mariarchi rope to set a mood while we things your faces. 


There will also be a face portrayal hire for a kiddies.

Get down there before 7pm! 



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