St. Andrew’s, Turi propagandize menu will make we feel poor

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An aerial perspective of St. Andrew's, Turi
An aerial perspective of St. Andrew’s, Turi

For infancy of Kenyans, a propagandize life was mostly paltry and we done by life with a many simple of commodities.

Take food, for instance, Githeri was a tack food and when a propagandize motionless to “treat” a students, they would usually make some rice that resembled ugali and afterwards chuck in a square of beef for effect.

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So we can know a startle and astonishment that strike Kenyans when a menu pronounced to be of a super high-end propagandize St. Andrew’s, Turi, that is situated in Molo, Nakuru County, started doing rounds on amicable media. Mind you, this is the The Christmas Term 2016 week 1 Menu for Prep propagandize definition it was reviewed for 2017 to something many improved and some-more expensive.

No, your relatives do not hatred you, they usually could not means it and even now, usually a 1% of a 1% can means to take their scions to this 5 star hotel that masquerades as a school. School fees ranges from Ksh.304,000 to Ksh.730,000 “only”.

There are things in that menu that many of a center category Kenyans have never listened of nor tasted. But if they have, afterwards we know they Instagram a ruin out of it whenever it is put in front of them. Keep your Google add-on open since we will use it a lot as we go by a St. Andrew’s, Turi menu.

The children never have a same dish some-more than once in a week. Everyday they have something opposite and really expensive. we think while a rest of us had cooks in school, these absolved children have chefs.

I doubt your prepare would know what Beef bourguignon is. Wait, we also don’t know. While we have a burger as a treat, a child is substantially ill and sleepy of it since of eating it each Sunday.

Monday: For breakfast, they arise adult to Fried eggs, grilled tomato, cereals, uninformed juice, baked beans and toast. Let’s be honest, many of us flattering many have this though this is when we have been operative a few years. Lunch brings with it a fun of Roast duck with lemon n’ ginger adage potato, veggie moussaka and chocolate mousse, we know, Mondays are oh so boring. For dinner, Beef lasagna n’ ginger bread, matoke, grilled veggie and of march fruits.

Tuesday: Waffles n’ syrup, Cereals, Baked beans, Berry yoghurt, Fresh Fruits and Toast. Lunch is Fish and chips, paneer kebabs, pineapple pulp with vanilla custard sauce. For supper, a kids have Chinese character Pork strap served with pasta, Leek n’ potato cake and Fruit salad.

Wednesday: Bacon, Grilled tomato, Cereals, Fresh fruits, Baked beans and Toast. For lunch; Braised beef served with rice
Eggplant n’ cheese frittata and Fruit kebabs. Supper is Turkey tagine served with pita bread, Black bean stew and fruits.

Thursday: Chipolatas, Grilled tomato, Cereals, Fresh fruits, Baked beans and Toast. Lunch; Chicken drumsticks served with
Lyonnaise potato, Creamy spinach bake and Ice cream. Supper: Beef bourguignon served with chapatti, Mushroom stroganoff and Fruits.

Friday: Pancakes n’ syrup, Cereals, Fresh fruits, Baked beans and Toast. Lunch: Jacket potatoes with several fillings Pavlova. Supper: Grilled duck with boiled rice, Root vegetable, stew and Fruits.

Saturday: French toast, Cereals, Baked beans, Fresh extract and Toast. Lunch: Meat balls n’ spaghetti with cheese, Bean ragout and Jelly. Dinner: Baked fish with turmeric, boiled rice, Dhal masala and fruits.

Sunday: Cereals, Fresh juice, Toast, Baked beans and Tea /coffee. Brunch/Brunch. Supper: Burgers n’ chips, Veggie pizza’s with coleslaw salad and fruits.

There we have it, now go to a dilemma and yowl and if we have children, do not uncover them this menu or your highlight levels will go by a roof.

St. Andrew’s, Turi menu.

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