Spring brunch recipe: Spanish eggs and chorizo with honeyed potatoes

“In Spain, huevos rotos, a ultimate hot, salty, greasy, tasty late-night meal, is compulsory after a few too many hours during botellón (a authorised indolence and celebration eventuality for immature adults who can’t get into bars—like tailgating but sports). Literally translated as “broken eggs,” this plate consists of a integrate of sunny-side-up eggs boiled in chorizo drippings and laid atop a pile of boiled potatoes, peppers, and sausage or jamón. we adore this chronicle that uses honeyed potatoes in place of a classical white potatoes, as a honeyed potatoes don’t soak adult loads of oil while frying. And a sharp chorizo and peppers play beautifully off a honeyed potatoes.” – Mary-Frances Heck 

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