Specialty ice cream sandwich emporium headed for Spartanburg’s easterly side

What’s improved than cold, tawny ice cream sandwiched between dual fresh-baked, comfortable and slimey cookies?

If we ask Dennis Wong and Tim Few, a smarts behind Spartanburg’s new ice cream sandwich shop, a answer is “nothing.”

Rocky Moo Handcrafted Ice Cream Sandwiches — during 1200 E. Main St., beside Bangkok Cafe — is slated to open no after than Jan and promises to move a new turn to everyone’s favorite honeyed treats, pronounced Wong, owner and arch executive officer.

“Nothing beats a good, comfortable cookie with ice cream,” he said. “It only works.”

Customers will be means to erect their possess sandwich, with a choice of 12 cookie flavors or a spirit as a tip and bottom layers, and adult to 8 ice cream season options for a middle. Toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles and chocolate syrup will be available, too, Wong said, and all of a baked products will be done uninformed any day.

The store will also offer “Moo shakes,” several floats and particular sales of cookies and ice cream.

Wong and Few, arch handling officer, pronounced they’ve spent large hours taste-testing opposite combinations.

“A lot of investigate has left into this,” Wong said. “My favorite is substantially some-more traditional, chocolate chip cookies with cookies and cream ice cream.”

Few, however, pronounced he prefers to brew things adult with a cookie on top, spirit on a bottom, vanilla ice cream in a center with chocolate syrup drizzled over top.

The span met after Wong and his family changed from Colorado to Greenville progressing this year. Wong pronounced he’d come adult with a judgment for Rocky Moo several years earlier, and once he common a thought with Few they knew they had to make it a reality.

“When he mentioned this idea, it was only gold,” Few said. “I mean, who doesn’t like cookies and ice cream? It was so exciting… we grinned immediately.”

Few pronounced he knew Spartanburg would be a ideal place to plant their roots.

“We were pushing around one day, and we said, ‘I know only a town,'” he said. “We really like Spartanburg as a starting line. It’s unique, it’s not as tough of a marketplace to enter as Greenville would be.”

He continued: “People adore that hometown feel, and if we make ourselves a partial of a community, we’ll be accepted. And we consider that’s something singular to Spartanburg.”

Wong pronounced business can design Rocky Moo to say an mouth-watering atmosphere.

“It’ll be a small rustic, a small complicated with a farmhouse feel,” he said. “It’ll be something mouth-watering where people come in and can relax with their family or on a date.”

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