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Thousands followed a International Women Club’s invitation to this year’s Charity Bazaar in Sofia today. In dual outrageous halls, vast countries and some organisations had set adult their stalls prolonged before a doors non-stop for a ubiquitous public.

The Britons offering chocolate with orange flavour, a Germans Christmas Stollen with lots of raisins, while a cake displayed during a Austrian case looked too good to be real.

The cake during a Austrian case looked delicious.

Mexico and South Africa had some of a many charming stalls during a bazaar. Carlos Arellano, who is also famous as Mr. Party in Sofia’s expat community, incited out to be a usually Mexican during that country’s case shortly before 10am, while really kind ladies greeted visitors during a South African one.

When The Sofia Globe’s contributor finally found a Swiss stall, a cheese fondue had not melted yet, that incited out to be an advantage for his diet. So he spoke to a drudge during a Spanish case instead. The appurtenance did not know Spanish, though it was respectful indeed.

This respectful drudge does not pronounce Spanish.

Iran had a mount too. Hamid Reza Azadi, a Cultural Counsellor from a embassy, was on site. At a Israeli stall, visitors took a event to honour a Middle Eastern nation to a arriving 70th birthday, by essay their thoughts on a vast board. The Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria, Irit Lillian, was benefaction and spoke to visitors.

The United States presented some of a many American equipment anyone could have suspicion of. Uncle Sam was sitting on a Harley Davidson, subsequent to colleagues who offering prohibited dogs and Bourbon.

Uncle Sam wanted to take that flattering vast Harley for a spin.

Even a UNHCR had a small mount during a 23rd Charity Bazaar. The ladies on site were open for discussions on refugees in Bulgaria and elsewhere.

At a Inter Expo Center, confidence was tight. Every singular caller was checked thoroughly. That is since it took comparatively prolonged to get in. Once inside a building, visitors were greeted with exemplary song played live.

But anticipating a parking mark was a pain in a neck. Quite a few visitors only parked their vehicles on Metro’s parking lot on a other side on Tsarigradsko Chaussee and crossed that motorway by walking by an subterraneous garage. This incited out to be a flattering good idea, since of a disaster in front of a Inter Expo Center.

But this 23rd Charity Bazaar organized by a IWC was a success even before a doors opened.

All photos by Imanuel Marcus.

The ladies during a South African mount done visitors feel welcome.

This Swiss cheese fondue was not liquid yet. Even so, it tempted a reporter.

Hamid Reza Azadi, a Cultural Counsellor during a Iranian Embassy in Sofia, ran his country’s stall.

Moldava had a good case too.

The Israeli Ambassador Irit Lillian (left) welcomed visitors with colleagues of hers.

Bulgaria had one of a largest stalls during a bazaar.

Two of a kind ladies who ran a UNHCR’s case concluded to a photo.


Video report: German Christmas Market in Bulgaria





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