Social Media And The Holidays: How To Prep Your Social Media Holiday Calendar

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December is right around a dilemma and that means that if we haven’t already, afterwards we need to prep your amicable media for a Holiday season. Chanukah, Christmas, New Years and countless tiny holidays (like a National Gingerbread House Day and National Candy Cane Day) all occur in December. Not to mention, Dec is generally a comprehensive biggest event of a whole year for sell businesses, so we need to take full advantage of this Holiday deteriorate – otherwise, your competitors really will.

In this blog post, I’m going to speak about amicable media and a Holidays and how we can prep your amicable media Holiday calendar.

What Holidays are function in December?

December is packaged with Holidays and pointless National and International Days; next is a list of a many critical Holidays of a month:

  • 2-10 Dec is Chanukah, one of a many critical Jewish Holidays of a year
  • 22 Dec outlines a Winter Solstice in a Northern Hemisphere, a day that outlines a shortest day of a year (in terms of daylight)
  • 24-26 Dec is Christmas time – 24th of Dec is Christmas Eve, 25th is a tangible Christmas Day, while some countries also applaud Boxing Day on a 26th
  • 31st of Dec is New Years Eve

Plus some newness holidays (from a US and a world) that we can applaud on your amicable media with themed content:

Gingerbread residence on table. Defocused lights of Christmas tree. Morning in a splendid vital room. Holiday moodGetty

  • 8h December: National Brownie Day
  • 12th December: National Gingerbread House Day
  • 13th December: National Ice Cream Day
  • 14th December: National Free Shipping Day (great event to boost your sales with giveaway shipping, right before Christmas!)
  • 21st December: National Ugly Sweater Day
  • 26th December: National Candy Cane Day
  • 28th December: National Chocolate Candy Day

There are a engorgement of other such newness holidays nonetheless – all by December. However, a large concentration should be on a large holidays (the ‘actual’ holidays), though these smaller ones can yield good opportunities for some-more fun calm for your amicable media.

How to prep your amicable media holiday calendar: tips and calm ideas

Step 1: Plan your strategy: what are your objectives?

What are your objectives this Holiday season? What, specifically, do we wish to achieve:

  • Generate awareness?
  • Boost sales?
  • Promote a special holiday offer?
  • Engage your audience?

Take a time to devise your amicable media devise by starting with your objectives. Once we know your goals, we can start putting together a rest of your devise so that we can indeed strech your goals!

Step 2: Start decorating!

Christmas bell and Christmas decoration.Getty

It’s always a good thought to change adult your amicable media cover images depending on a time of a year, what offers we have going on or even usually to keep things uninformed and interesting.

Since it’s December, it’s a ideal time to adorn your form – namely, your cover picture – with applicable holiday motifs, usually like Coca-Cola do any December. Plus, it’s a good event to wish your form visitors ‘Happy Holidays!’ directly on your cover photo, so that it’s a initial thing they see.

But a best use of this space is to foster your Dec offers, or your best products or services that can be bought as gifts, for example. Or, if you’re regulating a event to reason a contest, foster it with your cover photo.

Use a possibility to supplement absolute calls to movement to your cover print that are in line with a Holiday deteriorate – we can use collection like Canva or Crello to put together your design. You can even change them adult regularly, depending on what other offers we have going on during a time.

Step 3: Put together your schedule

You know what we wish to grasp so now we can devise out how mostly we wish to tell new calm as good as what forms of content. This is before we come adult with tangible ideas; rather, during this stage, we need to:

  • Decide what forms of updates you’re going to tell this December: promotional updates, sales offers, social media contests, Holiday wishes and any other form of holiday-themed content
  • Using this list of forms of updates, devise out a sundry calm brew for any day of a week: for example, Mondays we could share 1 promotional post, a humorous Christmas meme and a giveaway – this practice will assistance we make certain that not usually are we gripping things engaging and varied, though that you’re also posting a right updates to assistance we grasp your amicable media Dec objectives
  • Pick a best times: check your amicable media analytics to see what are a endorsed times for posting your updates – this way, we can make certain you’re edition during a best times for limit rendezvous (particularly when it comes to your best offers and discounts!)
  • Find a right holiday hashtags: regulating a right hashtags in your tweets and Instagram updates can make a large disproportion in strech and engagement. Take a time to investigate gratifying hashtags that we can use in your updates – for example, we can use a apparatus like Hashtagify to investigate and find a best hashtags. Make a list of a best ones we find (separated in opposite categories) so that when we have to post or report an update, we can usually duplicate and pulp your hashtags.

Step 4: Prep your amicable media holiday-themed content

Christmas credentials on a thesis of travel. The craft symbolizes a present of a journey. Selective focus. HolidayGetty

By this stage, we know what your report is and have a severe thought of a forms of calm you’re going to emanate and tell this month.

Now, it’s value holding a time to emanate all – or during least, a infancy – of your amicable media holiday calm as it’s going to be really a bustling duration anyway. Plus, when we devise your calm in allege we can make certain that you’re formulating a right calm to fit your objectives, rather than entrance adult with usually any calm thought during a final moment.

For example:

  • Set adult a amicable media competition or giveaway to boost both strech and rendezvous – a holiday deteriorate is a ideal time for a giveaway! Plus, it can assistance we attract some-more business to your business
  • Share lots of visuals: GIFs, holiday-themed images and videos, and other holiday-themed visuals (infographics, quote images, fun collages and so on)
  • Visual calm to foster your anniversary offers and discounts: in December, a lot of people need to buy gifts, so it’s value formulating special offers for a deteriorate and compelling them on your profiles (plus, we can also use your cover photos for this, as we mentioned earlier) – don’t forget to embody some gratifying elements to your promotional content!
  • Social media ads: Christmas, in particular, is a peak offered season of a year for retailers so it’s a ideal event to give a pull to your messaging by advertising
  • Create calm for newness holidays: these forms of holidays are a good event to burst on trending hashtags and emanate calm privately for them; plus, we can even use them to sell. For example, a wardrobe store could publicize their garments and poke fun during themselves on National Ugly Sweater Day. Or, if you’re in a food and libation industry, we can emanate calm privately for Ice Cream Day, Candy Cane Day or Chocolate Day.

Step 5: Monitor, analyse and optimise

As a month goes on, keep a tighten eye on your amicable media and amicable media ads analytics so that we can optimise your devise as we go along. For example, if you’ve found that certain updates achieved really well, afterwards maybe we can re-use them by creation tiny changes and republishing them.

Or, if you’re seeing that certain updates simply aren’t removing results, afterwards maybe it’s value looking into holding a totally opposite approach.


December is a bustling nonetheless cultivatable month for businesses in all kinds of industries so we need to seize a impulse and make a many of it.

To sum, in sequence to prep your amicable media calendar, we need to:

  • Establish what we wish to grasp this month
  • Put together a special Holiday-season schedule
  • Plan copiousness of Holiday-themed content, focusing on visuals
  • Then simply guard your formula so we can make changes to your devise as we go along!

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