Sneak peek: Cowboy Chicken, rotisserie duck eatery opening …


Watch a chickens fry over a wood-fired glow during Cowboy Chicken Wood Fire Rotisserie. The grill keeps a chickens on a rotisserie for dual hours and they baste themselves in their possess juices as they turn.

A new fast-casual grill in Sioux Falls is marrying wood-fired rotisserie duck with a lurch of what a manager calls “cowboy cool.”

Cowboy Chicken Wood Fire Rotisserie will open during 2700 W. 41st St. on Thursday, and already a owners are eyeing opening a second plcae in Sioux Falls.

“We unequivocally have high hopes for this location,” pronounced District Manager David Ryburn. “We’re looking during entertainment 6 months of information before we make that decision.”

The 2,765-square-foot restaurant facilities a large, multi-reel rotisserie where guest can perspective a chickens roasting while they sequence and dine.

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