Slideshow: Dairy executive to break innovation

Slideshow: Dairy executive to break innovation

by Donna Berry

CHICAGO — Ninety-one per cent of consumers break mixed times via a day and 8% of these consumers abandon a normal three-square dishes in preference of all-day snacking, according to investigate from The Hartman Group, Bellevue, Wash.

Food and libation marketers are down-sizing packages, removing artistic with flavors and nourishment profiles to get a snacking consumers’ attention. Dairy dishes manufacturers are no exception.

The eating arise also has developed into aware snacking, with nourishment and health, or what a break provides, increasingly important. This prioritization creates nutrient-rich dairy dishes appealing to daily break eaters.

Marketing dairy as a break is not a new idea. String cheese and single-serve yogurt cups have been snacking staples for some time. But some shoppers need to be told that a food is dictated for snacking.

Costco Wholesale, Issaquah, Wash., labels a new 0.75-oz away wrapped organic cheese medallions sole in packs of 32 as cheese snacks, with any break providing 5 grams of protein.

Others have been following suit. Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas City, now offers Borden Cheese Snack Bars. Sold in packs of 10, a away wrapped bars come in Colby Jack, Gouda, amiable cheddar and peppers Jack varieties.

Both cheese snacks enclose 70 calories each. In general, many break packs are designed to broach around 100 calories, with 200 calories deliberate a excellent line between break and meal.

Le Mars, Iowa-based Wells Enterprises Inc. wants to safeguard shoppers commend ice cream as a honeyed snack. The company’s new Blue Bunny Bunny Snacks come in a resealable stand-up pouch, with any tote containing 6 away wrapped 2.4-oz ice cream treats. The break comes in 4 varieties, including chocolate chip cookie, chocolate vanilla twist, cookies and cream and pickled caramel pretzel. Each portion contains reduction than 160 calories.

Chicago-based Kraft Heinz Co. offers refrigerated Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups. The 3.25-oz clear-plastic single-serve cups enclose about 200 calories and come in cherry, divert chocolate, pickled caramel and strawberry varieties. Cheesecake stuffing is a initial ingredient, with cream cheese a initial member of a filling.

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