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SHREWSBURY — If it’s French cake and fritter we are craving, we need demeanour no futher than a Farmer’s Market. 

Every other week, including Wednesday, Aug 9, Marie Simeoni brings her classical recipes to town, including a accumulation of French cakes, pies, cookies and crepes, that are done to sequence from a normal French recipe and served with a accumulation of fillings, including lemon, strawberry jam and Nutella. 

Simeoni, who is a local of Corsica, came to a United States with her family, had formerly worked in a French supervision in a environmental field, though there was no comparable position for her here. 

“I came here with my recipes, and we baked for people,” Simeoni said.  “But we confident that if we wanted to sell my cakes, we had to have training.”

Simeoni contacted a heading culinary propagandize in Paris, a Ferrandi School, and was means to attend in an month complete training module in Jun and Jul 2016.  She also attended L’Atelier de la Crepe (The Crepe Workshop) in Saint Malo, Brittany, for training in crepe making, given crepes are creatively from that segment of France.

“One of a things that they told me was that a many formidable thing to find would be a flour,” Simeoni said. 

After carrying found a flour she is confident with, Simeoni pronounced that she also indispensable to find eggs and butter, and dynamic that organic products were closest to what she used in France. 

Not confident with a accessible chocolate, she imports her chocolate and her aromas (flavorings) from France. 

In further to a organic and alien ingredients, Simeoni prefers to bake with anniversary fruit.

“When it was time for cherries, we done a cherry tart,” she said.  “But we had to leave a stones in a fruit, since differently a fruit would not reason up.”

Simeoni, who works out of her home kitchen, starts scheming for Wednesday’s farmer’s marketplace on Monday by blending a batters and vouchsafing them set for 24 hours before baking. On Tuesdays, she bakes a cakes and cookies she brings to a marketplace and prepares a crepe batter.

In further to a Shrewsbury Farmers Market, Simeoni is during a Grafton Farmers Market on swapping Wednesdays (opposite of Shrewsbury), and on swapping weeks during a Hopkinton Farmers Market, hold on Sundays. 

Simeoni, who pronounced that she enjoys operative during a farmers markets, remarkable that the weather can benefaction a plea when creation crepes outdoors.

“The breeze can cold a crepe maker, and a we can’t spin a crepe,” she said. 

At a markets, Simeoni is expertly helped by her children, Maxime, 7, and Briget, 14 and her husband, Albert.

In further to creation her confections for a farmers markets, Simeoni will make pies, cakes and cookies to order, and broach within a Shrewsbury area.  She will also move her crepe builder and fillings and make them onsite. 

Her business, La Maison A Gateaux (the residence of cakes), can be found on Facebook and online at:

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