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​Tortilla chips and guacamole, carrots and hummus, breadsticks and tzatziki – whatever your drop of choice, we competence wish to consider twice before any destiny dunking.

According to investigate in Harvard’s Healthbeat biography ‘double-dipping’ (i.e. holding a punch out of a square of food and re-dipping) sees a swell in bacteria.

The study in doubt looked during a effects of regularly dunking crisps in several dips. The misfortune offender? Salsa. This tomato-based Mexican plate amassed some-more germs than chocolate or cheese. Because salsa is reduction thick than many of a drop counterparts it means some-more of a food, spit and drop falls behind in to a community container. Nice.

Journal editor Dr Robert Shmerling said:

“This investigate does lift a probability that a chairman who is ill competence widespread a illness by re-dipping a chip… But even if a risk is tough to prove, a risk competence be real. We know of many respiratory diseases that can be widespread by hit with saliva, such as influenza (the flu) or whooping cough…”

But don’t panic. He adds:

“Still, there are substantially most bigger risks during your subsequent bureau celebration than double dipping. You’re some-more expected to agreement an illness from a ill chairman coughing or sneezing in your face or if they don’t rinse their hands while ill than we are from a healthy double-dipper. So, while it’s reasonable to daunt double dipping, it’s doubtful to poise a vital risk to your health.

So there we have it. Your bureau celebration competence poise some-more of a health risk than chips and dips. But if we are formulation to double dip, Dr Schmerling recommends branch a frail (or food of choice) around to asperse a unbitten end.

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