Sheet Pan Magic: One Pan, One Meal, No Fuss

Sheet Pan Magic is a latest cookbook from award-winning food writer, blogger, and publisher Sue Quinn. Her latest cookbook is full of recipes that ideally tackle a problems of busy, daily life and offer easy, economical, and discerning solutions for day-to-day dinners, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and desserts.

In her introduction, Quinn points out that “sheet vessel cooking does some-more than usually well-spoken a culinary trail when your cooking mojo is low and direct for a juicy plate is high; it also delivers food that is generally delicious.” Judging by a drool-inducing photographs featured in her cookbook, it seems loyal indeed that piece tray cooking produces glorious results.

The recipes in a book are all easy to follow and are certain to enthuse in annoy of their morality — ideal for those days when we wish something tasty though don’t have a appetite to spare!


Sue lives by a sea in Dorset with her husband, dual children, and dog.

Recipes underline in Sheet Pan Magic include:

Potato Rösti With Smoked Ham and Eggs

Warm Salad of Roast Tomatoes, Figs, and Feta With Tarragon

Maple and Lime-Roasted Squash With Lentils, Ricotta, and Basil Oil

Cheesy Loaded Potato Skins With Chorizo

Chicken Thighs With Creamy Leek and Caper Sauce

Magic Melting Mocha Cake

To fist Sheet Pan Magic, click here.

The Daily Meal: What is your law of cooking (and/or eating)?
Sue Quinn: Food should, ideally, move pleasure both in a cooking and a eating. This will meant opposite things to opposite people and opposite things during opposite times. For me it means food prepared though bitch and formality, though that is also packaged with season and a bit of creativity. Complicated food requiring lots of imagination processes and techniques, a things that’s designed to impress, doesn’t unequivocally seductiveness me when I’m cooking, and it’s not unequivocally what I’m after when we sup out either.

How did it enthuse a recipes we chose to embody in this book?
Like many people who work full time, I’m time-poor. If I’m essay or recipe contrast or shuttling children to and from after propagandize activities, it can get to 6, 7 or even 8 o’clock during night and we haven’t even suspicion about what to feed everyone. In these situations, I’ve always incited to bung-it-in-the-oven-style dishes that are large on season though let a oven do all a tough work. Instead of station during a stove stirring mixed pots and sophistry opposite processes, we always cocktail a tray in a oven and afterwards get on with whatever else we indispensable to do — assistance a children with their task or finish an essay or usually lay and have a potion of wine. This is my character of food — simply prepared though not compromising deliciousness. So, we suspicion it would be a good thought to rise a whole repertoire of dishes formed on this concept.

What is your favorite recipe in a book and why?
It’s unequivocally formidable to collect one, though we adore a plate on a cover of a book: maple and orange roasted squish with lentils, ricotta, and basil oil. It’s comforting and stuffing though also congested with fresh, splendid flavors. And we can make some changes if we like — some people are a bit capricious about regulating ricotta (or can’t get their hands on it easily) so they use goats’ cheese or even feta instead, and these also work well. we would titillate anyone who wants to try this recipe to give a ricotta a go — it works beautifully with a chili in a lentils.

What are some of a dishes we can’t live without?
Chocolate. A few squares of dim chocolate are a ideal approach to finish a meal, and it’s also a illusory part to have in a sideboard — a discerning chocolate salsa is usually moments away, and chocolate chunks are a illusory approach to rouse plain cookies or cakes into unequivocally special things. we also use chocolate like a spice, harsh it over beef dishes, or melting a block or dual into a salsa to supplement abyss and richness.
Baked potatoes are also essential in my life! Ideally, if we can be bothered, I’ll do installed potato skins, like a ones in a book: You dip out a strength of a baked potato, brew it with cheese, green cream, and whatever tantalizing things we have to hand, afterwards refill a skins and lapse them to a oven for a while. For some crazy reason we’ve come to consider that portion baked potatoes for a plate is somehow cheating, or not going to sufficient effort, that of march couldn’t be serve from a truth. It’s a ideal no-fuss plate that everybody loves.

Would we rather sup out or prepare during home?
I adore dining out, generally during restaurants where a prepare is artistic and brings something a bit opposite to his dishes — as a food writer, it’s moving to learn new season combinations and cooking techniques. But to be honest, a tasty home-cooked plate common with family around a large kitchen list can’t be beaten.

What is your favorite go-to plate or drink?
I’m a large fan of a Negroni, so this is my go-to boozy drink. Oysters are substantially my favorite food — we was innate in Australia, where tasty oysters are widely available, so we substantially have them in my DNA. There’s something about that briny, minerally, roughly lead swig — enjoyed with zero some-more than a fist of lemon — that we can’t get adequate of.

How do we wish readers will use this book, what do we wish they take away?
I wish we pass on to readers what we schooled while essay this book: that piece pans are a most some-more versatile vessel to prepare in than we competence think. we wish they learn a new approach to prepare with a piece vessel that creates their kitchen lives easier. we would also adore it if they attempted a recipe that seemed unknown or unusual, and it incited out they desired it so most they baked it again and again.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
It’s good to bear in mind that all ovens are opposite and that cooking times are a guide. Keep an eye on what you’re cooking — we competence need to adjust a times adult and down accordingly.

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