Serving Up Holiday Smiles

Approximately 300 pounds of flour, 400 ounces of oil, 100 pounds of shortening, 250 pounds of sugar, 140 pounds of brownish-red sugar;

Fourteen pounds of powdered sugar, 7 pounds of baking soda, 127 pounds of butter, 972 eggs, 102 pounds of chocolate chips, 45 pounds of peanut butter, 1 1/2 pounds of cinnamon, 40 pounds of oatmeal and 35 pounds of raisins.

That’s usually a apportionment of a part list for a Daughters of Isabella’s annual cookie bake sale — a circle’s largest fundraiser any year.

Daughters of Isabella is an general Catholic ladies organization. It’s not dependent with any singular church, rather, a group’s approximately 170 members attend churches all via a county.

The ladies make an normal of some-more than 1,200 dozen cookies any year, offered them for $4 a dozen to church members, a community, friends and family.

“It’s tough work, though it pays off,” pronounced Jane VanLeer, one of this year’s “Cookie Bake Queens.”

Senior LifeTimes sat down with several past queens to find out how a mass prolongation is finished into a success any year. This enclosed Brenda Hoelscher, Jo Noelker, Jane VanLeer, Mary Jo Wilding and Bonnie Ennis.

Each of a ladies donned an apron with “Cookie Bake Queen” festooned on it, along with a year they led a assign and how many dozen cookies were baked.

Five varieties of cookies are offered: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin.

Recipes are attempted and true, with many of them being a member’s family recipe. The sugarine cookie recipe was upheld down from Ennis’ mother, who also was in a Daughters of Isabella.

Chocolate chip binds a pretension for “most popular” cookie, though a ladies any have their possess favorite.

Along with Jane VanLeer, Cookie Queens this year embody her daughters, Jessica Haynes and Jan VanLeer. The VanLeers wish to make 8,000 dozen cookies during their five-year reign.

Next year, a rod will be upheld to Lynn Lottmann and Ruth Klenke.

Time Line

The sale is delicately orchestrated. Early preparations typically gets underway in Sep with organizing lists and doing behind a scenes work.

At a Nov monthly meeting, a cabinet accepts part donations from members. Any donations assistance equivalent a cost to a club.

Several ladies pass out sequence forms during their place of employment, as good as to family and friends. Churches post a information in their bulletins, and a ladies even ask that a information be printed in The Missourian.

Orders are due about a third week of November.

Volunteers accommodate during Immaculate Conception, where a cookies are baked and a sale is held, a Wednesday before a sale to premix a dry ingredients, afterwards again on Friday to make a mix that has to be refrigerated overnight.

On Friday evening, Immaculate Conception still has aftercare children when a ladies arrive.

“The kids always ask for cookies and we always let them have a few,” Ennis said.

First thing Saturday morning, a baking begins.

It takes during slightest 40 ladies to ready and bake a cookies, and others to take orders and many who present reserve to assistance maximize a group’s profit.

Additionally, students in need of village use hours proffer their time to assistance container a cookies for a pickup.

Immaculate Conception Church donates a use of a kitchen.

“Without a team-work of a parish, church and school, we wouldn’t be means to do it,” Hoelscher said.

“And we conclude a village support,” Wilding added.

After a cookies are cooled, they have to be finished for pickup a following day, a initial Sunday in December.

“It takes everybody to succeed,” VanLeer said. “It isn’t usually a leaders. It takes everybody.”

Wilding pronounced a organisation can find something for everybody to do, from make-up to classification and even labeling boxes.

Any cookies that are not sole on pickup day are delivered to a glow station, military station, ambulance bureau and Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.


The initial year for a cookie sale was in 2005. The thought was baked adult by Brenda Hoelscher and Bonnie Ennis and it was a outrageous success, with 800 dozen cookies ordered.

The ladies did many of a work during a home of a member, though fast found a bigger space to accommodate a vast organisation of helpers.

Since then, a sale has usually grown, with 1,566 dozen cookies systematic final year.

“It’s grown by word of mouth,” VanLeer said. “We have a lot of people who will call us behind any year and contend ‘where’s my sequence form?’”

Last year, a organisation lifted some-more than $5,000, that is used for many village projects, including purchasing Bibles for sixth-grade students during Immaculate Conception School, cooking auctions, coverlet donations, Union High School’s Project Graduation, Sermon on a Mount, a new homeless make-believe hosted by Union High School tyro Josie Arens, a food pantry, a eighth-grade Pro-Life trip, Pregnancy Assistance Center, Franklin County Area United Way and other village projects and organizations.

Making Memories

The DOI goal is elementary — Unity, Friendship, Charity.

The ladies pronounced their bake sale embodies a mission, as good as provides intercourse and creates good friendships.

Some lessons a organisation has schooled a tough way. But now, a tradition happens with really few glitches any year.

The initial year, Brenda removed refrigerating a cookie mix usually to learn that a chocolate chip cookie mix was ruined.

“I would send them out and possibly they weren’t finished or, if we baked them too long, they burnt on a bottom,” she explained. “What we found out was we shouldn’t cold them.”

Three of a doughs need chilling before they’re baked, so a ladies make a chocolate chip cookie mix Saturday morning.

“You can’t sell bad cookies!” they said, all shouting during a memories from those early years.

The peanut butter cookies are finished last, to keep them apart from others in box people have peanut allergies.

“Our home economics teachers would be unapproachable of us,” Ennis said.

Unless people pre-order, there are no guarantees that they will get their hands on a cookies. But there are always a few additional dozen baked any year for sale during pickup. This year, pickup is Sunday, Dec. 3, from 8 a.m. to noon during Immaculate Conception’s Parish Center.

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