Serendipity 3’s Now Selling Frrrozen Hot Chocolate ICE CREAM At—Wait For It—7Eleven

According to a New York Post, one of New York City’s many famous desserts—Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate—will now be sole as an ice cream.

For those who haven’t done a outing to try a dessert (Firstly, wut? Secondly, why?), a prohibited chocolate is distinct any other on a planet.

It’s been around for about as prolonged as a grill has been (~65 years) and is done of 14 opposite cocoas, that are afterwards blended with divert and ice and surfaced with churned cream. Finally, a whole beautiful chocolate disaster is surfaced with lush shaved chocolate.

Per a prettttty pint’s description, a ice cream chronicle of a splash will be “hot chocolate-flavored ice cream with churned cream whirl and chocolate shavings.” It will reportedly be accessible in 7Elevens in New York as early as subsequent week.

The prohibited chocolate season will afterwards hurl out national (again, exclusively during 7Elevens) starting in Jan of 2019. At that time, there will be some-more flavors from Serendipity 3 offered opposite a nation as well. Some of those flavors, a NYDN reports, are Strawberry Fields Sundae, Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Outrageous Banana Split, Cafe Espresso Chip, and Birthday Cake.

The prohibited chocolate pint will sell for $6.99 (in a restaurant, a splash goes for $12.95). By that logic, we should substantially by dual pints. Just, we know, to get a genuine experience.

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