Senior Meals

York Senior Center

• Wednesday, Jun 6: Ham, cheesy potatoes, peas, peaches, cornbread

• Thursday, Jun 7: Beef barley soup with salad bar

• Friday, Jun 8: Chicken breast, noodles, coleslaw, carrots, apricots, wheat bread

• Monday, Jun 11: Chili cheese prohibited dog, honeyed potato fries, garden pasta salad, pleasant fruit

• Tuesday, Jun 12: Potluck

• Wednesday, Jun 13: Fried chicken, crushed potatoes, gravy, churned vegetables, pears, cooking roll

• Thursday, Jun 14: Taco soup with salad bar

• Friday, Jun 15: Tater kid casserole, preserved beets, cherry crisp, multi-grain bread

• Coffee, divert and H2O are served with all meals. Reservations contingency be called in a day before, by 2 p.m., by job Aging Services during 362-7626. If someone needs to cancel a dish reservation, they are asked to do so no after than 8 a.m., a day of a meal. No reservations are indispensable for salad bar days.

York Meals on Wheels

• Wednesday, Jun 6: Chili cheese baked potato, carrots, peaches

• Thursday, Jun 7: Fried shrimp, asparagus, rice pilaf, grapes, rolls

• Friday, Jun 8: Grilled sirloin, roasted potatoes, carrots, uninformed fruit

• Monday, Jun 11: Chicken nuggets, French fries, corn, immature beans, bananas

• Tuesday, Jun 12: Pulled pork, baked beans, zucchini, cornbread, apples

• Wednesday, Jun 13: Chicken boiled steak, crushed potatoes, corn, uninformed fruit

• Thursday, Jun 14: Beef lasagna, bread sticks, Italian vegetables, pears

• Friday, Jun 15: Chicken thong bleu, roasted potatoes, immature beans, rolls, peaches

Geneva Senior Center

• Wednesday, Jun 6: Ham steak, hashbrown casserole, cooking roll, broccoli, fruit

• Thursday, Jun 7: Baked potato bar, salad bar, pudding

• Friday, Jun 8: Salmon, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, tossed salad, fruit

• Monday, Jun 11: Creamy beef and noodle casserole, cooking roll, broccoli, fruit

• Tuesday, Jun 12: Chicken boiled steak, crushed potatoes and gravy, wheat bread, peas, cherry pie

• Wednesday, Jun 13: Pizza, garlic bread, tossed salad, fruit

• Thursday, Jun 14: Chicken drummies, twice-baked potatoes, immature beans, fruit

• Friday, Jun 15: Tilapia, triangle potatoes, churned vegetables, fruit

Utica Senior Center

• Wednesday, Jun 6: Beef burgundy with mushrooms, rotini pasta, immature beans, whole wheat cooking roll, mandarin oranges

• Friday, Jun 8: Chef’s salad with lettuce, ham, turkey, eggs, cheese, carrots, black olives, tomatoes, dressing, crackers and apple pie

• Wednesday, Jun 13: Barbecued pig on a bun, plight spear, potato salad, broccoli slaw, pears

• Friday, Jun 15: Pork chop, crushed potatoes, gravy, churned vegetables, cooking roll, strawberries

• Wednesday, Jun 20: Lasagna, Italian unfeeling blend, garlic bread, peaches

• Friday, Jun 22: Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, carrots, wheat cooking roll, Boston cream pie

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