Scofflaw Now Has Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Too fervent to wait until midnight for chocolate chip cookies during Scofflaw? Now there’s an ice cream sandwich on a menu all day, done with a famous chocolate chip cookies. It’s only $5, with a seasonal-flavored ice cream and can be interconnected with a digestif that’s endorsed by a bar staff. While tenure opens a new bar opposite a street, it’s only another instance that they haven’t lost about a Logan Square stalwart.

Scofflaw’s midnight cookies are a night-owl’s delight, a once tip nightly collect me adult that serve endeared a cocktail bar to a customers. But they’ve done them better. The ice cream is done in-house, regulating an egg yolk process instead of syrups, gums or other additives as thickeners. The ice cream is placed between a dual cookies and afterwards griddled only somewhat to get a prodigy of a comfortable and soothing cookie and cold ice cream.

Currently, a ice cream is coconut lemongrass and is interconnected with Dolin Génépy des Alpes, a liqueur done from a same herb as Chartreuse, dark yellow-green in tone with records of packet and lavender. And, don’t fret: a midnight chocolate chip cookies, sans-ice cream, will still be creation a rounds for a honeyed provide to finish a night.

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