School menus for Wilson, Nash and Johnston counties

Wilson County


Breakfast: Powdered donut, fruit juice, pink crater and milk

Lunch: Barbecue pig sandwich or messy Joe on bun, baked beans, coleslaw, churned fruit and milk


Breakfast: Sweet potato swirl, fruit juice, applesauce crater and milk

Lunch: Stuffed membrane pepperoni or cheese pizza or cheeseburger, corn, immature peas, blueberries with cream and milk


Breakfast: Strawberry Pop-Tart, fruit juice, raisins and milk

Lunch: Meatloaf with hurl or taco with chips, cheesy potatoes, corn, pears and milk


Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar, yogurt, fruit juice, pink crater and milk

Lunch: Oven breaded duck with hurl or mac and cheese with roll, immature beans, candied yams, strawberries with cream and milk


Breakfast: Crunch mania, fruit juice, applesauce crater and milk

Lunch: Egg frittata with bacon and biscuit or blueberry pancake stick, potato smiles, bullion rush unfeeling juice, peaches and milk

Nash-Rocky Mount


Breakfast: Chicken croissant and applesauce

Lunch: Pizza sticks with dipping salsa or corn dog nuggets, immature beans, copper pennies, pineapple and Rice Krispies treat


Breakfast: Pop sharp and peaches

Lunch: Chicken nuggets with hurl or manger’s choice entree, baked potato, immature peas and uninformed fruit


Breakfast: Mini waffles and uninformed fruit

Lunch: Cheesy duck play or prohibited dog, fries, peppers mix and rosey pears


Breakfast: Sausage biscuit and rosey pears

Lunch: Chicken tenders with hurl or mac and cheese with roll, honeyed potato souffle, immature beans and peaches


Breakfast: Super donut and uninformed fruit

Lunch: Pizza or manager’s choice entree, grape tomatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, baked beans and applesauce

Johnston County


Breakfast: Turkey sausage omelet

Lunch: Barbecue sandwich or pepperoni pizza, mini corn on a cob and diced pears


Breakfast: Parfait on a go

Lunch: Inside out cheeseburger or spaghetti with disfigured breadstick, broccoli with cheese, carrot dippers and pink cup


Breakfast: Sausage biscuit

Lunch: Cheesesteak or cheeseburger, wrinkle fries, peppers and onions and sliced apples with caramel


Breakfast: Grape preserve crescent

Lunch: Chicken fajita or beef soothing tacos, sharp pinto beans, celery sticks with plantation and strawberries


Breakfast: Mini waffles

Lunch: Fillet of fish or prohibited dog, baked beans, cabbage and mandarin oranges

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