Satire: Trump’s Health Report Spurs Burger-Based Diet Craze …

The nation competence be divided, though a brands are united.

Just days after Dr. Ronny Jackson resolved a President is in glorious health, a new diet disturb is already on a rise, even as many in corporate America demonstrate doubt about a viral trend.

Spurred by reports of President Trump’s earthy well-being, many Americans have started a “Trump Challenge,” that involves a expenditure of mixed McDonald’s Quarter Pounders over a generation of a day, interconnected with a dozen Diet Cokes and a golf-based practice regimen, for one month, in an bid to grasp glorious health.

On Friday, Coca-Cola Company and McDonald’s association expelled a corner matter job for Americans to stop perplexing to obey President Trump’s newsworthy diet. Health experts have cautioned that not everybody who tries it will grow to 6 feet 3 inches, or dump to 239 pounds.

Now, in what has mostly been seen as an act of open goodwill, a dual corporate behemoths released a corner statement, anticipating to forestall a plea from branch fatal.

An mention from a matter can be review below.

“We know there’s a enterprise to obey a expenditure habits of certain total in a open sphere. If we’re being honest, we adore it when we do that. After all, what’s improved than soaking down a integrate Quarter Pounders®, with a frail and lovely ambience of twelve Diet Cokes®?

However, we do have some concerns. There might be disastrous health consequences compared with President Trump-level expenditure of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola products. And we can’t buy a products if you’re dead.

So here are here, shawl in hand, to ask a favor: Please stop perplexing to duplicate a president’s diet. We know it is an sparkling ‘meme’, like planking, or bath salts. But only like any meme, it can spin lethal in an instant, and we wish we refrain from participating.”

A open family manager for McDonald’s, who requested to pronounce on a condition of anonymity, privately scoffed during their company’s try during corporate amicable responsibility. “You know, we customarily stay out of politics. This [expletive] sells itself, we don’t have to do anything. It’s literally addictive,” he said. “Now we have a President as a delinquent spokesman? we don’t even need to do my job!”

Coca-Cola seemed to expect recoil from a Oval Office with their statement. There are rumors a association relaunched Diet Coke to seem younger and thinner in a hopes of gripping a President Trump meddlesome in a product.

For some-more joke from Fortune, click here.

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