Rural Parenting: Maybe there’s something to this hygee thing


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Blame it on a low solidify of final week. Blame it on a relations feverishness call of this week, with projected cold returning this weekend. Blame it on zero though blame’s sake, and afterwards chuck censure out a doorway and reinstate it with a clarity of furious treasure.

I am late to a game, though we have detected a new-old tip to flourishing to a cold, reclaiming my middle “snowperson,” and anticipating larger contentment. That tip is a Danish judgment of hygee, conspicuous “hoo-ga.” According to Meik Wiking, author of a “The Little Book of Hygee” and CEO of a Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, it essentially boils down to a clarity of friendly gratification and good being by enjoying a elementary things in life. But it is so many more.

Some things about hygee we schooled doing a small Google research. In reading an essay in “Country Living” magazine, “What is Hygee? Everything You Need To Know About The Danish Lifestyle Trend,” by Lyndsey Matthews (2017) and a “New York Times” essay entitled “MoveOver, Marie Kondo: Make Room for a Hygee Hordes,” by Penelope Green (2016), we detected that this is not a new thing. This judgment is a Scandinavian materialisation that initial seemed in a Danish enlightenment in a early 1800s and is subsequent from a Scandinavian tenure for well-being. Wiking says it is inbred in Danish culture, a mindset, in a approach that a judgment of leisure is an American judgment and mindset. It can be used as an verb or noun to report something that is full of or brings a clarity of well-being. Wiking says it helps explain because Danes are some of a happiest people on a world statistically, while they have some of a many miserable winters. They use contentment, by enjoying a elementary things.

What does hygee indeed demeanour like or feel like? Hygee is typing this mainstay with a hairy chuck over my path and candles blazing in a distant. Hygee is all about a friendly and light. Think candles, hairy blankets, cabin socks, cabins, warm, with a utterance wind, snow, or sleet outside. Wiking says that Danes are some of a biggest consumers of candles on a planet! Think a crater of prohibited tea, cider, or play of homemade soup, while a breeze hollows, and we review a book. Think complicated weave sweaters, cake, homemade bread, house games, great, though elementary food and improved yet, a association of friends, while we all sit, visit, and speak before a comfortable glow with crackly blazing logs. Not that this all has to be finished inside. Think being bundled adult outward on a brilliantly beautiful, though cold day and afterwards entrance in for a mop of prohibited chocolate and afterwards a fire.

In his book, Wiking also report how formulating community, being an active partial in your community, doing for your community-be it mouth-watering them before your glow for a tea, dropping off prohibited soup or home done cookies, and simply enjoying a act of enchanting with others is hygee. There is hygee in solitude, though also in a regard of others company, be it family, friends, or neighbors.

While are winters and altogether continue might be improved than Denmark’s, we have a commonality of cold winters, lots of snow, and being snowed in from time to time. So because not make a best of it? How about a small reading time right now, a prohibited tea or cocoa, and some hygee?

Nicole Kelly is a protected amicable workman and stay-at-home mom of three. She lives in Genesee County.

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