Roquito’s Taqueria specializes in house-made ingredients

Over a lunch of travel tacos and a burrito play one day final week we chatted with Redding Mayor Brent Weaver about a state of a city (he’s “optimistic”) and because a little and colorful Roquito’s Taqueria on South Market Street is one of his favorite internal restaurants.

“They have good meats,” Weaver explained, referring to a smoked carnitas, carne asada and a out-of-this universe beef barbacoa during Roquito’s. His sequence of travel tacos had one of each.

I had a burrito bowl, “Roquito’s style” — with cabbage, cilantro, pico de gallo, lime, onions, jalapeños and a signature sharp cream sauce. It’s an addictive combination. 

We got there a bit before noon, only as people were crowding in to sequence or collect adult lunch. 

Co-owner Roque Carbajal pronounced Roquito’s attracts a good series of out-of-towners interjection to a intense reviews on amicable media sites and Facebook. 

Regulars embody law enforcement, first-responders and construction workers, he pronounced — “a working-class customers that wants to get in and out quick and get something good that doesn’t mangle a bank.”

Carbajal and his wife, Tiferet, attended culinary propagandize in Portland and they take honour in a uninformed ingredients, including house-made tortillas, salsa and queso sauce, that go into Roquito’s tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas and nacho salads.

The meats are smoked during circuitously Sweetie’s Cafe, that a integrate non-stop 7 years ago. “We’ve got a good group during both places,” Roque Carbajal said.  

Tiferet Carbajal told me she’s operative on a new menu during Sweetie’s that will embody “Roquito’s style” food.

The many renouned equipment during Roquito’s, a Carbajals told me, are a tacos, burritos and nacho salads.

Weaver and we took a orders to a common outside dining area — a patch of pavement and mud between Roquito’s and a runner emporium subsequent door, flashy with potted cactus, palms and agave plants and that facilities a turn list with 4 splendid red and yellow chairs and 3 wooden cruise tables. 

Weaver’s been entrance to Roquito’s given it non-stop over a year and a half ago. It’s tighten to his lumber business and Redding City Hall.  

“I adore a travel food ambience,” he said. It reminds him of visits to Cabo, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. “This is a jewel,” he said.

Roquito’s earns regard online for a accessible use and juicy food. If you’re uncertain about that meats to order, ask to representation some.

Midway by a lunch some operative group during another cruise list finished their dishes and got adult to leave. “You guys are awesome,” one pronounced to manager Mark Sivesind.  “We’re entrance back.”

Not blank a beat, Weaver quipped: “And a mayor said, ‘That’s what we wish people to contend when they revisit Redding!’”

Name: Roquito’s Taqueria

Address:  2605 S. Market Street (next to a Tropics), Redding

Phone: 768-1103

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Social media: Facebook

Owners: Tiferet and Roque Carbajal

Established: Jan 2016


Sample menu items:

Street tacos (3) $5

Quesadilla $6.50

Torta (Mexican-style sandwich) $9.50

Burrito $9

Nacho salad $8.50

Ranchero beans $2

Guacamole $1

Chips and salsa $3

Chicharones $2

Drinks $2


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