Rickey Jackson Jr. brings New Flavor solidified yogurt to Havelock

HAVELOCK | Ricky Jackson Jr. didn’t see a lot of opportunities to stand a ladder in his prior job, so he motionless to build one himself and turn his possess trainer by opening New Flavor in Havelock.

“There was no room to grow, so we got a thought to emanate my possess personification field,” he pronounced of apropos a business owner.

New Flavor’s concentration is solidified yogurt, though this isn’t only typical solidified yogurt, Jackson said. He offers several flavors, with vanilla and chocolate as standards though also strawberry-banana and raspberry-pomegranate are options.

And a dessert business facilities some-more than 70 toppings, including all from simple chocolate syrup, Skittles or Reese’s to a accumulation of nuts and even uninformed fruit.

“It’s a many toppings of any solidified yogurt bar,” he said. “That was on purpose. People like a variety.”

So far, he said, people have responded.

“It’s removing busier and busier,” he said. “People are still anticipating out that we’re here, though it’s unequivocally holding off.”

Customers emanate their possess cups of yogurt, selecting a deteriorate and toppings as good as whatever apportionment distance they wish. The crater is weighed, with any patron profitable 48 cents per ounce.

“You can get as small or as most as we want,” Jackson said.

Lee Ann Sinclair pronounced she is a visit customer.

“It’s my favorite place. we stop here each time we come to town,” pronounced Sinclair, who lives in a Adams Creek community. “It’s accessible and they have good yogurt.”

Jackson non-stop New Flavor in a fall, so he could get accustomed to using a business and learn what he would need before a warmer open and summer deteriorate when he expects business to unequivocally collect up.

“I had a possibility to work out a kinks,” he said, adding that he is formulation what he called a grand re-opening in a spring.

He has already hosted events for a Boys and Girls Club as good as birthday parties, church groups and even business staff meetings. Gift cards are accessible as well.

He pronounced he wants a investiture to be a destination.

“I consider a city indispensable something like this,” he said. “People are excited.”

He points to a outside seating that is available, cards, house games and coloring books for a kids, a windows on a front that offer a vast perspective of a outdoor and a pleasant interior pattern by ABC Signs that offers “windows” that uncover pleasant scenes.

“The devise is to have a place where people like to come and hang out,” he said. “We have things here where people don’t have to rush in and rush out. They can lay for 30 mins or an hour and only suffer themselves. That’s one of a best feelings we can have.”

Jackson is a Havelock High School connoisseur who admits he’s been a few places before anticipating his approach behind to a city in that he grew up.

“There’s zero like it,” he said. “You go around and see a world, though we come back. we adore Havelock.”

New Flavor is located during 320 U.S. 70 West. It’s open from noon to 9 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays and 2 to 9 p.m. Sundays. Information is also accessible on a business’ Facebook page.

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