Review: ‘Post’ staffers try Tasty Made, Chipotle’s usually burger joint

Because we adore Chipotle as many as any other college students, I, along with Senior Multimedia Producer Patrick Connolly, news author Bailey Gallion and multimedia staffers Kevin Pan and Alex Penrose highway tripped to Lancaster to give it a try.

To a warn (and displeasure), a knowledge was usually okay. Slightly disappointing. It wasn’t bad by any means, it usually wasn’t super good. It lacked a sleek, childish punch that we adore so many about Chipotle.

The best approach to report out Tasty Made is by comparison to other quick-service burger restaurants. At a bottom, we have your inexpensive fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King. At a top, we have a some-more costly quick infrequent joints like Five Guys that offer higher-quality burgers during a aloft cost point. Smack dab in a center is Tasty Made, in terms of both pricing and food quality.

The menu is about as classical as it gets: Burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Three things, that’s it. You can get a singular or a double, and a signature Tasty Made burger comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and “tasty bacon sauce.” A singular will run we $4.25, while a double is $6.25.

Patrick and we both purchased doubles, while a other staffers opted for single-patty burgers.

The burgers, while generally tasty, had some constructional flaws. In a unsure flaw from normal burger prep techniques, Tasty Made put all of their toppings next a burger patty, formulating a rather unpleasant, drippy mess. Also, a cheese on a burger was not melted in a slightest, and while this is common in some quick food and fast-casual burgers, melting it would’ve finished all a difference. I’ll take a slimey cheeseburger with hot, melty American cheese over a burger with a block square of cheese slapped on tip any day.

The fries perceived churned reviews. Kevin, Alex, and we suspicion they were alright. They were seasoned correctly, though they were a bit limp. Bailey was quite vicious of a fries, which, in her possess words, were “more like potato noodles than french fries.” Instead of ketchup, we opted to drop a fries in a aptly-named Tasty Bacon sauce, that we enjoyed unequivocally much. It was tangy, smoky, and good value a 50 cents additional we paid for a side of it.

Besides a sauce, a ubiquitous accord was that a stars of a dishes were a milkshakes. While a classical flavors — chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla — are available, some of us opted for a Buckeye-flavored shake, that we found to be a tasty mix of chocolate-and-peanut-buttery integrity that tasted identical to a peanut butter cup, though with a thick and well-spoken texture. A Buckeye milkshake in a Buckeye state? How could we go wrong?

The atmosphere, while clean, was flattering drab. It seemed like they were going for a complicated take on a ’50s diner, though hasn’t that been already been finished before with Five Guys and Steak ‘n’ Shake? It didn’t unequivocally set itself detached from a competition. It’s also value observant that a behind of a receipt paper is a same as Chipotle’s, that is a good small curtsy to a primogenitor company, though kind of finished us wish we were eating there instead.

On a other hand, a staff was intensely friendly, and use was prompt. We enjoyed chatting with one of a workers about a restaurant’s initial few months, and we even listened people have driven from as distant as Illinois to give Tasty Made a try.

If you’re pushing by Lancaster, it’s really value checking out, simply since it’s Chipotle’s burger place, and Ohioans, for a many part, are a usually ones who’ve had a event to try it. Was it value a 40 notation expostulate from Athens? Honestly, substantially not. For what we paid, it was fine. But it’s not spectacular.

As prolonged as they keep their prices low to contest with fast-food restaurants, afterwards Tasty Made really has a possibility to be successful. On a other hand, it’s blank that fresh, organic feeling that people adore about Chipotle. To be fair, it is a burger restaurant, so “fresh” and “organic” substantially isn’t what people are looking for, though Five Guys seemed to constraint that peculiarity in their food. For a time being, we’ll wait and see what happens with Tasty Made.


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