Resto roundup—frozen provide edition: Yeh! Frozen Yogurt, Fluffy Kittens, MagiCream

There’s no relinquishment to a frozen-treat blast in Vancouver, and some-more companies are removing into this honeyed market. Here are 3 some-more to take note of.

Everybody contend Yeh!

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt Café is stability a cross-Canada enlargement and opening a initial Vancouver authorization in a West End during 985 Denman Street.

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt

The Quebec-based sequence offers self-serve solidified yogurt, with sixty rotating toppings (including fruit, sauces, cereal, and more) and waffle bowls and cones.

There are also crepes, shakes, protein shakes, smores, and coffee.

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt

The association has locations opposite Canada, as good as in Shanghai and Beirut.

Felines and freezies?

Everybody loves kittens. (We certain do.) And everybody screams for ice cream.

So what else would be improved than to mix a two.

Fluffy Kittens

At a new artisanal ice cream salon Fluffy Kittens in Chinatown, we won’t find any tangible kittens. No, this isn’t an ice-cream chronicle of Catfé.

What we will find during this spot, non-stop by Bioéthique Spa owners Claudine Michaud, are internal and B.C. solidified treats from a likes of Johnny’s Pops, Nice Vice, Artisto Gelato, and more.

There’s all from popsicles and freezies to sundaes and ice-cream sandwiches.

You can squeeze scoops of intriguing flavours like maple fennel, Vietnamese coffee, hiss lemonade, mojito, banana walnut, and more. There are also vegan and gluten-free options to check out as well.

No, there aren’t any cats on a premises during Fluffy Kittens so we don’t have to worry about this form of conditions happening.

Freeze frame

Liquid nitrogen–frozen ice cream has been a smart growth in a internal ice-cream scene.

There’s Mister in Yaletown and LIK N2 on Robson nearby BC Place.

A new mark is opening in Kerrisdale.

MagiCream Ice Cream is environment adult emporium at2009 West 41st Avenue, offeringice cream solidified with glass nitrogen.

We’re watchful for a store to respond to an exploration from us for some-more sum and we’ll refurbish this post when information becomes available.

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