Restaurant review: Two Dollar Radio Headquarters

A small, mostly well-executed menu of vegan dishes and inexpensive drinks is accessible in a pleasing “headquarters” of a eminent internal book edition company

With a Sep further of Two Dollar Radio edition house’s South Side headquarters, a nationally eminent eccentric press branched out into a liberality business. Offering an ambience that reflects a glorious ambience prevalent in a books a small association puts out, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters is a multi-function space that’s as many cafe, bar and grill as it is book shop, assembly place and art gallery.

Local artwork, large books and incompatible vigourous wooden seat with a silken finish minister a magnanimous sip of attract to an mouth-watering room with sheer white walls and unprotected section accents. A soundtrack of intelligent contemporary bands — we listened Parquet Courts and Foxygen on mixed visits — is a ideal fit for Two Dollar’s casual-but-stylish digs.

Locally roasted One Line coffee beans are used in good caffeinated drinks such as a seasonally suitable cold decoction ($3). Among a beverages accessible with a opposite kind of flog are 4 Ohio-sourced breeze beers ($5 to $6) and a few inexpensive wine options.

Boilermaker fans can measure a 16-ounce can of Hamm’s and a inexhaustible Wild Turkey flow for $6 by grouping a Parsons Cline. Cocktails are usually $7 and embody a frail South Side Pool Party (Espolon tequila with grapefruit and orange juices). Another leader is a brief splash with a prolonged name done with internal solitaire and lemon: a “Sarah Silverman in we Smile Back, a Movie.” Like a eponymous comedian, it packs a manly and deliciously acidic punch.

Two Dollar’s small food menu is wholly vegan. It doesn’t pull a pouch like a company’s literary novella does, though it’s hermetic with a lick of good flavors grown by some internal sourcing, blemish cooking and “creamy” mixture done with nuts.

The warm-and-tangy Spinach Artichoke Dip ($6) is as good as or improved than many grill versions that don’t underline a “cheese” salsa fashioned from cashews, tofu and white beans. The sizable, pleasing break arrives in a lovable small iron skillet and with a side of chili-dusted tortilla chips.

Another robust prominence with south-of-the-border accents is a “Sought-After Mexican Lasagna” ($12). The dainty membrane of a large chunk is combined from crisped corn tortillas. Above this is a rib-sticking muddle of quinoa, refried beans, corn, textured unfeeling protein and some-more tortillas. Add red peppers, preserved jalapenos, so-so enchilada salsa and garlicky aioli drizzles, and we have a vegan stew that many direct beef lovers will enjoy. Bonus: It’s served with a nice, uninformed salad with a zippy “vegan Caesar” salsa brightened by capers and citrus.

Pizzas are a Friday dusk special. The Coach Taylor cake ($12), apparently named for a “Friday Night Lights” character, tops a house-made, bready, whole-wheat membrane with a elementary tomato sauce, pseudo belligerent beef, onions, Daiya code mozzarella-style shreds, lettuce and residence “superhero” salsa (think tawny French salsa with hazed notes). This competence widen a clarification of pizza, though a Mexican-American taco flavors on a heavy, shareable snack are flattering likable.

Seitan is a bottom of a house-made “fried chick’n” pieces that go into a burrito firm in a large locally constructed flour tortilla (Barbecue Chick’n Wrap, $9) and that are tucked into a locally baked Lucky Cat ciabatta bun for a “Notable Fried Chick’n Sammy” ($9). Both sandwiches are increased by countless appealing garnishes and, nonetheless I’d drive we toward a “Sammy,” we wouldn’t inhibit we from a wrap.

In fact a usually object we competence counsel we opposite is a Breakfast Sammy ($8, served with sauteed diced honeyed potatoes). The large and thick chickpea patty in my sandwich was dry and gummy, though like many all here, a dainty combo was recognised and fashioned with good taste.

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