Restaurant review: Lafayette’s Blu Basil remixes Vietnamese cuisine in appetizing ways

This week we crossed a Atchafalaya to visit Blu Basil Wine Grill, a new Vietnamese grill on Johnston Street in Lafayette.

The grill mixes normal Asian settlement with a assisting of complicated taste. That feel parallels a glorious menu that takes normal dishes and spices them adult with hip and contemporary flair.

For a good instance of this combo, only check out Blu Basil’s teasers (appetizers) and tiny plates selection. 

The Sriracha kimchi fries ($9) could be a plate by itself. The app is a delicious brew of Sriracha and sharp mayo, bulgogi beef, kimchi and a sunny-side-up boiled egg, all piled atop french fries. This is really not normal Vietnamese cuisine. Rather, it’s a form of image that shows how good Blu Basil mixes American, Korean and Vietnamese flavors in one dish. 

The settlement of remixing Vietnamese and Asian cuisine can be found via Blu Basil’s menu. The coconut shrimp appetiser ($8) facilities skewered and tempura boiled jumbo shrimp, best enjoyed like a fair corn dog.

On a signature rice entrees territory of a menu, a pineapple shrimp boiled rice ($16) and coconut curry ($17) are eye-catching joys served within half-pineapples and coconuts, respectively. That these dishes’ tastes live adult to a stylish plating is an combined bonus.

However, one can't revisit a Vietnamese grill though partaking in pho.

Personally, my initial knowledge with pho was during a comparatively different Cajun/Vietnamese grill with a obvious food censor and voice actress. Good association always creates good food better, and that knowledge sets a high bar when it comes to this quintessential noodle dish.

I’m happy to write that Blu Basil’s pho with churned seafood ($11, $12.50 for large) gives that memory a run for a money.

This robust play had a accumulation of seafood options churned together. As we tore by a crab, shrimp, scallops and fish ball, we was somewhat unhappy when we satisfied all that was left were noodles and veggies. But to my surprise, as we slurped adult a noodles, we found clams stealing in a carbohydrate kelp timberland as if they were an additional small break only for me.

If we have a small room, Blu Basil doesn’t skimp on dessert, either. Both a immature tea cheesecake ($7) with ice cream and a elementary though decadent blueberry lychee cheesecake ($5) are delicious ways to finish any meal.

Although some of a options can be a bit pricey, all we attempted was value a cost. If we adore Vietnamese cuisine or wish to try a turn on those flavors, we suggest a revisit to Blu Basil. 

Blu Basil

WHERE: 5451 Johnston St., Lafayette

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

INFO: (337) 456-1120 or

PROS: Excellent food with atmosphere to match. Must-tries embody pineapple shrimp boiled rice, coconut curry and Sriracha kimchi fries. 

CONS: Some of a food can be a small pricey, though a peculiarity some-more than creates adult for it.

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