Reservations: Café Coconut Cove

Lovely view and good German cuisine supplement adult to regretful dining in Melbourne Beach

It seems a small incongruous, a good robust cuisine of Germany’s Rhineland served amid a pleasant view of Melbourne Beach, moreover, with a name “Café Coconut Cove.”

But a stream alighting site and wharf once used by fishermen for entrance to a ocean, after abandoned, works good for a Himmeroeder family, a proprietors given 1987, and they have remade what once was “Gray’s Landing” and “Charlie’s Landing” into one of a Space Coast’s many mouth-watering – and regretful – restaurants.

“Oh, people do adore it since it is romantic,” says Renee Hartley, a member of a Himmeroeder family and manager of a restaurant. “It is really renouned during Valentine’s Day, so most so that we open an hour earlier. It has good ambience for couples.”

It is not gigantic, nor is it even open for lunch, yet a views of a Indian River Lagoon are stunning, with a riverfront square as good as indoor dining, all finished with propriety, yet no over-formality. The food is classical European, with a Rhenish turn imparted by a cook (Franz-Peter Himmeroeder) whose family operated a beef marketplace and grill in ancestral Aachen for generations.

Appetizers embody liver pate, fungus toast (sautéed mushrooms served with horseradish salsa and toast), smoked fish drop and potato pancakes served with apple compote and green cream.

Entrees are what we find in a good German-style restaurant: rouladen, sauerbraten, goulash (gulasch), schnitzels and sausage plates, finish with potato puffs (a specialty of a house) and red cabbage where appropriate. There are variations too, like a pineapple warp schnitzel, in that has dual pieces of pig tenderloin are breaded and sautéed, afterwards surfaced with asparagus, melted cheese and, of course, pineapple.

Café Coconut Cove does not leave it during things Teutonic, however, as several filets and a Delmonico beef are served, as are parched tuna, pig handle and duck dishes. Seasonal specials also are popular.

Its sensuous desserts are contemplative of a restaurant’s heritage, with Black Forest cake and strudel, of course, yet also a excellent lemon spread and meringue mixture as good as a flourless, white and dim chocolate torte filled with raspberry.

In a end, it does not seem inconsistent during all, yet intimate, relaxing and overall, wunderbar: a superb place to cruise for that Valentine’s Day dinner.

Café Coconut Cove

Address: 4210 Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach

Phone: (321) 727-3133


Hours: 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays by Saturdays; 4 to 10 p.m. Valentine’s Day

Prices: Entrees $14-$29

Other: Reservations are not accepted. Imported beers and wines, including champagnes, ports and sherries, are served

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