Republic Ice Cream Churns Out Fresh Renovations

Upper King dip emporium Republic Ice Cream reopened on Tuesday, Dec 26, after sitting on a dilemma with a windows lonesome for a few weeks. The brownish-red paper, unanswered phone calls, and no discuss of restoration anywhere stirred solidified dessert fans to assume a worst.

Republic Ice Cream owner Matt Kohr reliable that a King Street residence was only sealed for renovations and not for good.

The solidified dessert hospital took over a space from Planet Smoothie in 2015, and has given widespread to Sullivan’s Island as well. The ice cream emporium got a start in Myrtle Beach.

Republic Ice Cream carries classical flavors like butter pecan, packet chocolate chip, cherry on vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberry, and more. The store sits during 431 King St., subsequent to a Cupcake DownSouth dessert store.

Republic Ice Cream Covers a Windows [ECHS]
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