Reese’s Cookie Skillets Exist & You Can Buy Them For $12 Online

Welcome to a Church of Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Let us glory and give interjection for this hulk Reese’s cookie skillet, that will truly save us all. Whether you’re anguish a detriment (i.e. Beto not winning Texas), celebrating a feat (i.e. Beto observant he’s f*cking unapproachable of us), or toasting to a destiny (i.e. Beto maybe using in 2020?), chocolate and peanut butter is a proxy food poultice we all need and merit after this many new choosing cycle.

Foodie Instagram @ThreeSnackateers speckled a aforementioned large ol’ Reese’s cookie skillet during Walmart. The holiday-themed cookie pack comes with a Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie mix, a hulk cookie-sized skillet, and a spatula ornate with an darling animation reindeer. Its sell value, according to a box, is a small reduction than $15, though a fun of eating a outrageous cookie out of a skillet is priceless, obviously.

There is also a space on a box designed like a benefaction tag, if you’re looking to benefaction your friends, family, tip Santa, etc. with a large cookie skillet. There is also zero interlude we from essay “To: Me, From: Me”, going “aw, we shouldn’t have!”, and blessing yourself with a tasty cookie present. ‘Tis a deteriorate for cookie self-care!

While there are other variations of a Reese’s cookie skillet accessible on, a accurate chronicle doesn’t seem to be available. Also, a swap variations are now out of stock. So, you’ll only have to Walmart Yodeling Kid your approach to a cookie aisle in-store and belt out, “Lord, we don’t know what I’ll doOOOOooo” until they give we your cookie skillet.

There is a identical chronicle of a Reese’s holiday cookie skillet accessible online on Amazon for $19.95 and Big Lots’ website for $12. However, conjunction seem to embody a reindeer spatula. Not certain if that’s a understanding breaker as both still do embody a cookie skillet, a transparent offered indicate here. The Amazon skillet is a small smaller (2.1 oz) though a Big Lots chronicle appears to be about a same distance during a Walmart version, 5.25 oz.

The product outline on Big Lots also says a cookie skillet is “perfect for gifting to a honeyed tooth partner in your life,” that I’m going to need to disintegrate genuine quick. Is that someone who loves honeyed teeth? Is that your partner who has a honeyed tooth? Is it only a injustice of a word and I’m overreacting in a cookie-induced crazed? Regardless, either you’re a partner of honeyed teeth or only have a honeyed tooth yourself, this cookie skillet will prove each and all teeth.

If we can’t get your hands on a hulk cookie skillet, maybe you’ll be means to obstacle one of these Reese’s appearance calendars. Have we ever looked during an appearance calendar and thought, “this is cold though what if…chocolate and peanut butter?” Well, all rejoice, hallelujah: we can buy a Reese’s appearance calendar on Amazon and knowledge 24 days of chocolate and peanut buttery joy. Lest we consider you’re removing 24 mini-Reese’s cups, a calendar includes a accumulation of both Reese’s mini-cups and Reese’s pieces. Variety is a piquancy of life and candy appearance calendars!

Chocolate rumors also advise that Reese’s Thins could be entrance out in 2019. They’re fundamentally Reese’s cups…but thinner. Is this a chocolate and peanut butter combo we asked for? we mean, no. Am we going to use a thinner figure as an forgive to eat twice as many? Of course. Cookie self-care isn’t only for a holiday season.

In a meantime, we can indulge on your holiday cookie skillet for one (or more, if we feel like being generous) and fill your heart, soul, and stomach with chocolate-y, peanut butter goodness.

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