Red Robin CEO receives burger tattoo after employees urge service

The arch executive of a renouned fast-casual burger sequence might have stumbled on a rarely effective, nonetheless somewhat painful, approach to motivate employees. 

Last summer, Denny Marie Post, a CEO of Red Robin, speedy plcae managers to urge altogether grill scores on patron surveys given to diners during a finish of their meal. 

If those numbers (diners graded their knowledge on a scale from 1 to 10) were softened before a finish of 2017, Post betrothed employees she’d get a tattoo of a Red Robin burger. 

On Wednesday, after confirming store managers had exceeded consult expectations, Post had a burger henceforth etched on her left arm.

“My son, who is 22 and has 3 ‘tats,’ thinks this is hysterical. My father is giving me a tough time,” Post told USA Today. Despite a surprising bet, she’s unapproachable her employees achieved their idea roughly a year early.

So how did managers urge patron satisfaction?

Waiters perceived improved scores by operative to safeguard that customers’ unfounded root-beer floats and french grill trays remained filled. And nonetheless a sequence had lifted a altogether measure by 30 percent given Sep 2015, a rate of alleviation doubled once Post due a singular incentive.


“We had already done utterly a bit of improvement,” Post said. But she lifted a exam for mid-level managers of a 550-unit chain. “We set it high,” she said.

Post now joins a list of other arch executive officers to attend in adventurous tasks. That includes Virgin’s Richard Branson and Southwest Airlines’ owner Herb Kelleher, who once staid a business feud with an arm-wrestling contest.

Fundamentally, Post said, a plea had a elementary goal– “To make certain we have fewer people who have bad experiences.”

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